How much money do we need for a round the world trip?

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip around the world which we hope to leave for in May 2014 (about 4 months from now). I am starting to wonder if we have saved enough money. The trip starts with a flight from the United States to Wanaka New Zealand where we hope to find jobs and work the ski season. We are going to rent a room and buy a car, a season pass, as well as everyday expenses. In October we plan on quitting the jobs and travel west for another 6 months and eventually making our way back home (United States). The itinerary after leaving NZ is as follows (these time limits in each place are approximate)…. Fly to Indonesia to see Bali and Lombok (3 Weeks) fly to Chiang Mai (two weeks due to a volunteer project) overland to Hanoi, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Hoh Chi Minh City, Phenm Phen, Siem Reap, Bangkok. (no idea how long this will take) After this we would like to see the southern Thai islands for a week then back to Bangkok. Fly from Bangkok to Delhi. We want to see the golden triangle i.e. Delhi, Agra, Jaipur (how much time and money can I afford here?) then fly to South Africa. Spend a couple weeks in South Africa, then take a train to Joburg. From Joburg to Nairobi, Kenya we have an overland camping trip in mind that costs $1,500US with all expenses paid (32 days). We would like to spend a couple more weeks in Kenya then fly/Drive (what is the best way to get from Nairobi to Cairo?) to Egypt where we will end our trip.
We don’t mind hostels or cooking our own food when there isn’t dirt cheap delicious street food available. We plan to do some activities like scuba diving, a mountain climb in Indonesia (Mt. Rinjani) and a visit all of the sights and temples. So I would say we can be pretty conservative backpackers (except for the drinking).
Between the two of us we have close to $34,000US, plus, if all goes to plan we will be working in NZ from June to October. This money has to cover everything from top to bottom for both of us, everything from flights to vaccinations and visas. My question is should we put off this trip to save for another year or will this be enough? I know there is no way that anyone could ever really know but if someone who has been to some of these places could ballpark it for me that would be great!


Tom and Erica

Just a few points about New Zealand. If you plan to be there in May there is a lot you need to get done NOW.

To work in New Zealand you both need to apply for Working Holiday Visas, and it can take time to organise the application paperwork – unless, of course, you’ve already done this.

While the ski season might not start for a few months, you need to be applying for jobs now, as all positions will be filled by the time you arrive.

There is no direct flight to Wanaka. You need to book a flight to Christchurch or Queenstown, changing planes at Auckland, and then book a separate flight to Wanaka. The cheapest airfares at the moment, from Los Angeles to Christchurch, are around US$800 one way, but there are only a few seats left at this price. Have a look at the flight comparison website for more information. Ticket prices will only increase over time.……

Hi dear I have no idea to how much money required for world trip.But don’t forget to visit the most beautiful place bali.Because this place the diamond of the world.If you want to go bali so contact through is the best website for this.

With some employment you should have enough if you plan on hostelling it in most places. Just a note of warning, make sure you have the proper visa for New Zealand if you plan on working there. You cannot find a job with a standard tourist visa, you will require a working holiday visa which must be applied for and approved prior to departing. Check out the government of New Zealand Immigration website if you have not already done so.

You guys need to grow up and get some stable plans with you guys lives.

&quot:Flying to Wanaka New Zealand where we hope to find jobs and work the ski season then In October we plan on quitting the jobs and travel west for another 6 months and eventually making our way back home (United States)&quot:

Get serious about your life. Take that 34K and use it as a down payment on a home and retirement savings. Time is life, you waste it, you fail.

I do not care about what ever you say but deep within a woman, they want a stable life with a man not roaming all over the world from place to place and job to job. You will show employers that you are not hire-able and will leave so they will not hire you or her within their company. This girl will leave you down the road, if you continue with this nonsense

Take Care

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