What sort of non-illegal things do people become addicted to?

Are certain things more addictive than others, and what is the criteria for something being addictive? Can someone be addicted to something that someone else may not become addicted to? Does it depend on how addictive something is, or how addictive someones personality makes them, as to whether a person becomes addicted to something? Or is it a mixture of the two factors?

There are chemically addictive things, such as nicotine, which you can become addicted to. But people can also be psychologically addicted to things, just because they do them a lot, or because they give you a good feeling. E.g., cake, sex and sausage rolls! Psychological addiction can be a result of someone’s mental state.

Nicotine is legal and a lot of people get addicted to it.
I know a couple of people addicted to Peppermint.
I think it would be a mixture of the two.

I think it could be possible to get addicted to anything, oh alcohol as well, that’s legal.

over the counter painkillers are a sly one to be addicted to as how many people notice that some contain very small amounts of stronger drugs like codeine and the fact your nan may have been quietly consuming solphadine max for years unaware that the buzzy/fuzzy feeling she’s been getting is off a byproduct from opium.

Coca cola becomes addictive because it contains caffeine, and it’s really addictive.
Alcohol is a depressant and it releases endorphins in your brain, which would mean that once you start, you can almost never stop…

Sex, Money, Internet Porn, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Video Games, Food…I even saw a tv show where a girl was addicted to eating couch cushion lmao! Yes she could not stop eating couch cushion!

Doubtless there are addictive personalities who become addicted much more easily. Legal examples are alcohol, nicotine – cigarettes.

The main thing that is almost completely unregulated is caffeine. Alcohol and tobacco are of course addictive too, and though they’re regulated, are legal.

Addiction to coffee..


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