What does our DEMOCRAT controled government plan on doing about North Korea?

North Korea has REAL weapons of mass destruction in the form of nuclear weapons, they’re constantly threatening their neighbors, they’ve threatened to wipe the US off of the map, they are continuing to test ICBMs that result in tougher UN sanctions, and now all fingers point to THEM for the series of cyber attacks on US government websites.

So what are you going to do about it democrats? You voted to authorize the use of force against Iraq for a LOT less. So now that we know that the North Korean threat is real, what does Obama and our Democrat controled Congress plan on doing about it?

Peace talks, hand shaking, weenie roasts, and photo-ops.

The answer is nothing. Democrats dont actually believe in national security the way we do. They think we get attacked, why that means we’re not being nice enough in the world. Its the same as their view on murderers, we create them and we have to rehab them not punish them. Blame America first. So the liberal answer is to give more aid, tax their own people into submission, spend like crazy, and talk nice to our enemies and hope theyll like us.

The Republican and conservative answer is to have peace through strength. If a bully knows youre carrying a weapon and youre not afraid to use it, then he wont bother you. And the bullies around the world arent stupid. I would describe N Koreas demeanor pre-Obama as submissive compared to now. And we know Iran is crazy because they were bold under Bush and are so today. So its going to take republicans in the future to have serious answers to these threats. Could you imagine if we were sitting around debating STILL about what to do with Saddam Hussein???

Yes, but I but most of the blame on Bush. He didn’t nothing for 8 years and even after Obama won the Presidency and knowing that Obama would do absolutely nothing about North Korea, he still did nothing. Now that North Korea has nuclear weapons they don’t have to worry about military action being taken against them unless they take military action themselves.

It’s interesting how you blame the Democrat minority congress for the Iraq war, while implicitly absolving the republicans of all blame. That’s really beyond absurd.

At the moment, I don’t think they are – or should be – saber rattling with N. Korea. For precisely the same reasons that the Bush administration didn’t use force:

1. North Korea DOES NOT have ICBMs. They have modified SCUD missiles whose range does not extend into US territory. They may have a crude nuke or two, but they lack the delivery systems and miniaturization technology to be a real threat. A nuke is somewhat easy, the other two are much, much more difficult.
2. North Korea is obviously aware that it can’t take the US or China in a war. What should be obvious is that they have the nuke as a deterrent for the attempts to topple the regime.
3. That makes them a regional threat. Mostly, of course, to South Korea. Japan to a lesser extent.
4. Our troops are spread thin, and we don’t exactly have a great track record in land wars in Southeast Asia. Without the help of China, it’s a total quagmire.
5. Which means the threat of N. Korea is proliferation. They’re surrounded by friendly countries. Good intelligence can stop proliferation without invasion.
6. And of course, Kim is a stroke victim with rapidly declining health without an heir groomed. The political situation could change very quickly.

You make a good point – that NK has become a real problem over the last 8 years.

It is unfortunately that since we have been so preoccupied with the wrong war for the last 6 years we were not in a position to address North Korea.

It is also unfortunate that it will take 5-10 years to return our military to a &quot:state of readiness&quot: to allow us to deal with a country like North Korea – because we have been fighting the wrong war.

Just another mess that was created during the last 8 years that has to be cleaned up now.

The situation regarding North Korea deteriorated greatly during the Bush administration and won’t be resolved in a short period of time. North Korea must be dealt with but right now we are trying to address extremely serious domestic economic problems and other issues that affect us even more directly and more urgently than the threat from North Korea.

Also recall that the majority of Democrats in Congress voted against the Iraq War Resolution, so your assertion is wrong.

1 they are called the democraticly controlled congress.

#2 nothing, when North Korea is looking for a boogeyman, why volunteer for the job?

Hopefully nothing. The US learned their lesson about invading sovereign lands from Vietnam and Iraq.

Like what?

Return the wet bottle rockets we fished out of the Sea of Japan?

I think that Kim Jong Ill is as slimy as the next guy, but I don’t think the man is stupid.

You honestly think that North Korea has more fire power than we do? Do you honestly think that because they are testing missiles right now, they are a serious threat?

Seriously, this is nothing more than Kim Jong Ill showing everyone the size of his penis. He is strutting to try and be one of the big boys. But really he is nothing but a little man trying to be big.

You can’t do anything with NK without permission from China.If I remember correctly the last time Kim Jong II fired a few scuds he was wanting something.Kim Jong II has one foot in the grave,wait and see what happens when his son takes over.At this point in time it’s just a little man trying to show the world how big his penis is.If your so worried about him send in black ops to take him and his family out.

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