Sarah Palin resigns: who on EARTH will be watching over American airspace for Russians?!?

Now that Sarah Palin is resigning, who will watch over Alaskan airspace for Putin rearing his head?!?!

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell

Governor Palin will be missed.

US Army

i admire their accents 😀 especially little toddlers!!! its between the excuses beside the solid universities that i decide for to bypass there, i decide for my toddlers to have that accessory 🙂 additionally, i admire their vocabulary and the individuals I even have met from Britain so some distance have been particularly superb 🙂 i’m basically jealous that they get to drink 3 years earlier us, and that they have got various the main fittest nicely-regular chaps (1D, the Harries twins, Marcus Butler and greater).

Not obama. He dismantled all of our airspace watching capability.

Probably gave it to Iran in hopes they will give him a call.

Why would the Russians want to bomb Alaska!

She wants to work &quot:outside&quot: the government. could she expand that and work &quot:outside&quot: the country????

the sexism on the left is unreal

She’ll keep an eye on them from her house.

Certainly not Obama. He couldn’t care less about this country’s security. He has more important things on his mind. Like low-energy light bulbs in every household.

Greatest Question of the day

Oh great, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight…

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