Is there a link between your horoscope sign and your Myers-Briggs Jung personality type?

Is your Myers-Briggs – Jung personality type somehow related to your zodiac sign and the attributes ot your sign? Mine is for instance INTP and I’m an Aquarius sun, Scorpio rising and Capricorn moon.Are those somehow related? For instance, some traits of the signs would suggest that the majority of air signs are most likely to be extroverts and the water signs introverts. Any thoughts?

Myers-Briggs Jung is a psychological test. Astrology has to do with how a person thinks, behaves, and reacts to things, just based on astrological beings. Although they are not supposed to be interrelated, a lot of things can be linked together when talking about personalities of people.

I’m an ISFP, Cancer sun, Cancer rising, and Aries moon. I’m also interested if anyone else has any links between the two. 🙂

I’m an INFP and I’m a Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon, and taurus rising…. I’ve done the myers briggs many times and I always come out as INFP…. I find it really pretty accurate too.

I believe they’re similar, but not the same. My result for the test resulted in my Taurus rising attributes and probably Libra too. I’m an ISTJ (introverted-sensing-thinking-judging). Modern astrology is mostly psychologically related because it’s used to predict people’s personality.

I’m an ENFP Sagittarius, and so is my mum. I have no idea though, and I don’t know what a moon or a rising sign is.

I DEFINTELY think so. I’m an ENFP – the idealist and for sure that matches my Sagittarius personality. I have Aqua moon and Virgo rising.

I’m an INTJ.

Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Asc

I think they could be related, you could be onto something.

Cancer sun/Taurus moon/Gemini rising

I think it matches very well.

Idk… I’m Cancer Sun- Tauro Ascendant- Acuarius Moon…
I’m a ISFP 😀


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