im not making enough milk?

i breast fed my baby untill he was 4 and half months. our family went through alot of stress and my supply seemed to nearly stop. it was realy upsetting for me and my son cody. hes now 6 months old and still turns to me for feeds. i use to express nearly 20 onzes in 24 hours. and now its half a onze in 24 hours. i wanted to feed him for as long as possible, plus when he was on breast milk he was much more settled and slept through the night. thats no longer the cause. i was given advice to breast feed cody as much as possible i tryed this and cody becomes very irritated cause my supply is so low. he latches on fine but he only stays on for about 2 mins. my only option is to express it im not sure how often to express. and how many days before my supply increses

Yikes! Get yourself a hospital grade pump.Try pumping one side while he nurses on the other. Always offer the breast first and let him nurse as long as he will and if he stops quickly finish off the session by pumping both sides at once. This always seems to yield the most milk (think twins). You can try fenugreek, blessed thistle, or even oats to increase your supply. Stay hydrated and try to nurse or pump at least every 2 hours. Good luck!

Wow! that is human beings such as you who supply breastfeeding mothers a undesirable call. communicate approximately judgmental! Why perform a little pick formulation? a million) Pumping at the same time as working would nicely be very inconvenient. in the adventure that your toddler eats each 2 hours, then you would desire to pump each 2 hours. final I checked, we don’t get a injury each 2 hours. And out of the breaks an entire time individual gets, it fairly is usually a million 0.5 hour injury and a million or 2 15 minute breaks. quarter-hour isn’t fairly long sufficient to pump as much as you will choose. 2) formulation fed infants would nicely be fed greater many times by way of their fathers than breastfed infants: that’s very effectual throughout the night. 3) that is puzzling to bypass everywhere devoid of your newborn once you’re breastfeeding and your toddler refuses a bottle of expressed milk. 4) some women are only uncomfortable with it. 5) some women start up out breastfeeding yet have latching problems. while that is been a week, you are able to not get the toddler to latch appropriate, you have a hungry toddler and actually sore nipples. quicker or later mothers might quite be happy and soreness unfastened formulation feeding than under pressure and disillusioned attempting to artwork by way of breastfeeding. There are lots greater motives, yet i’m not likely record anymore. fairly frankly, that is none of your corporation. do not come at here insulting contributors and commencing fights. i’m valuable there’s a much greater useful way you are able to spend it sluggish!

I completely disagree with the first poster.

A day to re-establish supply? NOT HARDLY.

DOUBLE ELECTRIC pump every 3 hours, round the clock. Pump till you’re dry, plus 5 more minutes.

Take Fenugreek (an herb). 3 pills, 3x/day. Total of 9 pills. Eat oatmeal. Drink Mothers Milk tea.

It’ll be some work, but it’s do able. Also consider La Leche League meetings.

Try expressing it every 2 hours, it shouldn’t take long for the milk supply to increase again, maybe even a day. But have him latch on too! Drink tons of water! You could also try fenugreek, it works really well!

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