I just got back from the Isles v. Flyers game?

It was a good game but somehow someone threw a glove into the stands…what are the rules on that does the person have to give it back or can the fan keep it? Also is there a penalty assessed to the player who threw the glove into the stand? (The ref didn’t see the player who threw it neither did I, I just saw a glove and it had no return)

Your Q reminds me of the Bernie Parent incident…………as told by Bernie-

&quot:It was during the playoffs against the Rangers with about five minutes left in the game. In those days when there was a brawl everybody jumped on the ice. Giamcomin was in goal for the Rangers and the goalie union dictated we pair off so we did and nothing really came from it. But throughout the fight Hatfield was getting really upset about something and out of nowhere grabbed my mask and threw it in the stands and that was it, it was gone!
I never got it back. But the beautiful part of the story is the next day we were back in Toronto and somebody knocked at the door. It was a father with his son, about 10 years old, and he was a goalie and saw me lose my mask. So he came over with his mask and said “Bernie, if you need this you’re more than welcome to use my mask”. I didn’t take his mask but we got him and his dad tickets for the next game.&quot:

To answer the Q…..I believe if the player wants it back, they have to get it for him…in the MLB you often see this, where a guy wants THAT bat back and usually they send up something in lieu of….I’m guessing here in the hockey aspect.
As far as it being a penalty……might be a Q better answered by Lubers but the rulebook can be broadly interpreted in many cases especially in the cases of unsportsmanlike conduct or delay of game which could both fit nin the scenario. I remember a ccouple of years back, Alfredsson threw a stick into the stands out of frustration (vs. Toronto maybe?) and I cannot remember the outcome…I do not believe he was penalized, might have even been at the end of the game? He may have gotten a fine………….actually it was Sundin and he got suspended one game for it. Alfredsson mocked him later that season!



lucky you getting to watch a flyers game,sadly i have to catch their and the avs game on the radio. but they owned the isles,wish i could have seen the fights and the great saves bob made in the post.what the ref dosn’t see won’t hurt him,yet i don’t believe their is a rule against the glove. 1 glove that they can afford thousands of i don’t think it would be a hassle to them to loose one

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