do people who oppose gay marriage rights?

also oppose biracial relationships? what about womens rights?

Well, they certainly use the same *arguments* as the racists tried to use against mixed-race marriages.

Not necessarily. Best way to ask is to ask someone against gay marriage specifically. I am all for gay rights and marriage, as well as biracial marriages. They have a right to be just as miserable as us straight, caucasian couples. =) I believe in women’s rights, but would not go so far as to call myself a feminist. You will find though that a lot of people against gay rights are either one of two things: using the Bible to make their choices, or are homophobic. The grey area other than that is small.

A lot of people who oppose gay marriage make a ‘slippery slope’ argument. If gays are allowed to marry, then what’s to keep us from allowing brothers and sisters to marry, or a man to marry a goat? This is the same argument that was made against interracial marriage.

A lot of people call themselves ‘traditionalists’ when they are really only intolerant.

That’s like asking if people who oppose oranges also oppose apples. Those are three completely different issues with completely different reasons to be opposed. While some who oppose gay marriage rights do so because they are prejudice against gays, most are opposed for religious reasons. Biracial relationships and women’s rights are two different boats entirely. You can’t group these things together.

Most of the ones I encounter do yes. As a matter of fact most oppose anythings that does not exist in the tiny intolerant box they live in.

It is not enough for many of these people to have strict rules to live by, they insist that anyone who disagrees with them on anything is wrong and must be outcast from their little intolerant world.

I see this so much, particularly among evangelicals.

They might oppose women’s rights but I don’t think it’s against any religion to marry another race. These people are just religious and are trying live by &quot:God&quot:. I am legally binded to my man contractually. I did not get married in a church because I am atheist and I don’t believe in being &quot:married&quot:. But for our future child’s sake and financially it is easier to be binded. I am not gay but if I was I certainly would never want to be &quot:married&quot:. Every religion spits on homosexuality.

I personally think that if you’re not harming anyone then do what makes you happy. I’m all for gay marriage and biracial relationships and certainly womens rights.

Fools are insular my friend. The population of America should have the right to exercise their volition as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others or thwarts the functionality of are country. It’s truly sad that people lack openness which is the brother of ignorance, they put walls up and live in their box. This is one of the ramifications that was brought to you by philistines of the world. Logic and the veracity of your view is of no value to these individuals.

yes, i’m sure a lot of them do oppose biracial relationships. and the REALLY old-fashioned probably oppose women’s rights as well.

it varies, i’m sure.
I wouldn’t personally know though

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