Black Students: Do you hate when this happens to you?

we were watching a documentary on Huckleberry finn and the controversy around it,and the documentary had excessive use of the N word. basically that’s what the whole documentary was about. There was literally one point in the film where they showed a montage of a bunch of people saying N!gger! over and over again while the word played in big letters across the screen. then they had a bunch of ghetto black people saying it and it felt like coonery. As always,i’m the only black person in the class and I just tried to go to sleep as everyone stared at me as if I was supposed to be super offended.

Then,when the movie was over,a bunch of kids in the class were basically ranting about how unfair it is that they can’t say the word ni99er and how my kind can say it,but not them. it wa humiliating and embarrassing. does this ever happen to you?

Honestly, I am known as a troll on here, but what happened isnt fair. Why didnt the teacher use some common sense and think that may be uncomfortable for you? What a jackass. That movie isnt important for any reason, so why show it anymore? Im sorry that happened to you, I would talk to the teacher and mention how uncalled for it is to show that stupid movie in the first place.

First of all I would encourage you to go to your schools administration. There is not reason in the heck that you should have to be treated like that.

As far as others using the N word. I dont like being refered to as a B and the C word oh man you getn beat down for that one. So frankly the N word does not bother me. I am not going to let a word from an ignorant persons mouth control me.

What people do to you is their Karma. How you respond is your Karma.

I would not let this one slide. I am sure there were some white students that were just as offended by that class. Start a dialog and you guys set out to put that crap in the ground.

lol, nothing like that ever happened to me even though I read Huck Finn for a high school class that had no black people except for me. I’ve heard of similar situations though. If I were you I would have at least said something, either a joke or a comment. Your input could have been valuable. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

&quot:then they had a bunch of ghetto black people saying it and it felt like coonery&quot:

LOL. I’m not trying to be messed up but for some reason this question just had me rolling especially that part. LOL!!

Anyway to answer it seriously, yeah your teacher was being inconsiderate. Even if the teachers have to teach certain material, there was no need for him to do that.

Well I’ve never experienced a documentary like that before, but I do notice that White people love to stare at the only Black person around in classes where things like slavery and racism are discussed! Its so weird and awkward! I grew up around all Whites so I know what you were going through.

…By far the most awkward moment I had was a long time ago in my history class one kid asked about &quot:miscegenation&quot: and the teacher decided to give this long talk about how the White men used to rape the Black &quot:slave&quot: girls (this annoyed me because he never said the two apart – it was ALWAYS said as &quot:Black slave girls&quot: and being the only Black girl in the class this just bothered me fsr… idk. anyway..) as he was talking about this and how it &quot:wasn’t just the slavemasters who did it, but everyone pretty much had equal access&quot: this one Italian guy who had the biggest crush on me was just staring at me from across the classroom. I forgot his name because he changed school soon after – but it was the weirdest feeling to have someone talk about white men raping black women while this white guy who has made it clear that he has a huge crush on me just STARES at me from across the room. I wanted to just get up and run.

I think that has to be the &quot:top 10&quot: list of every black person’s worst nightmare…

Professors need to have common sense…if there is only one or two black people in your class…dont humiliate them like this…unless your the grand wizard of the KKK that gets a kick out of stuff like that…

@Britney, cool answer bro
Lol that happens at my school alot but just chill about it, like it’s only a movie and least you got to sleep

My question is why do white people want to say the N word anyway…

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