Why isn’t the left accusing Obama of being a &quot:oil man&quot: like they did with Bush when gas prices were this high?

It’s obvious after bowing to a Saudi prince that Obama wants to cut domestic oil production because he has foreign oil interests.

After all, He stopped Keystone, closed that entire eastern and western Seaboards for oil drilling…

You are not up-to-date on your information, Grasshopper…homeschooled? Faux &quot:news&quot: afficianado? You might want to peek in at whitehouse.gov and READ READ READ!

U.S. domestic oil production is at an ALL-TIME HIGH under the Obama administration, and the &quot:closed the entire system&quot: to which you refer occurred way back in 2009 when the GOP-deregulated BP was having its massive Gulf oil spill off our southern coast—and was only in effect long enough to have INSPECTIONS of the existing off-shore operations to ensure they were meeting safety standards (which BP had not been doing) and to restructure the agency assigned to oversee these off-shore operations. President Obama also ignored the big-oil-colluding Republicans’ meager $75 MILLION penalty for foreign oil companies’ spills and successfully convinced BP to set up a $200 BILLION escrow account to cover damages plus an additional $100,000,000 for displaced off-shore oil workers. Is this the behavior of an &quot:oil man&quot:? I think decidedly NOT.

You need to review National Public Radio’s &quot:Diane Rehm Show&quot: from Friday, February 24 on the Keystone Pipeline issue because this issue was discussed indepth. Did you know, for example, that even if this questionable pipeline is allowed to run from Canada all the way through drinking-water areas on down to Port Arthur, Texas, the oil is not going to be used for U.S. consumption! Port Arthur, turns out, is a tax-free zone for shipments to foreign nations! So how duya like dem apples, little TeaP’er?

Typical left wing hypocrisy. Obama is their messiah and he can do no wrong. No matter what happens he is either not at fault or was right to do it regardless of who is harmed.

because now that they have their token minority who hates america in charge.
And that means NOW Libs like war,patriots acts,oil,etc!!!
he can do no wrong!

technically, Obama is an anal lube man.

&quot:oil man&quot: is slang for &quot:black man&quot: they are racist Obama is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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