Why did Israel attack a Humanitarian ship in International waters?

Why did ISrael attack a Humanitarian aid ship in International waters?
The ship was carrying humanitarian aid and food to Gaza……

Now why did Israel attack it?


THe Israel explination is that: the Israeli Navy ship collided with the Humanitarian ship accidently, but the Humanitarian ship has been hit in 3 different places, so the Israeli government is telling me that the Israeli Navy ship collided with the Humanitarian ship in 3 different places accidently lol…….

With the US backing them blindly, they feel that they can do whatever they want and never fear any reprecussions. It’s precisely this kind of oppressive attitude that has given rise to backlash groups like the Hamas. These hot heads would not exist if there wasn’t atrocities being committed by the current Israeli government. Where there is no justice, there can never be peace.

there was a blockade that they were approaching, and the ship with &quot:humanitarian aid&quot: refused to divert their rte. (proof that there was more than just humanitarian aid on the ship)

why did the ship with humanitarian aid (if it was just that) refuse to communicate with the Israeli vessel? What was there to hide?, And, since israel is offering humanitarian aid to civilians, what would have been so bad to &quot:surrender&quot: the ship to the Israelis, and let them do the final delivering of the humanitarian aid, if that’s all that was on the ship anyway?

When you have valid answers to all these questions, you’ll have the answer to why the Israelies did what they did.

Cynthia “Cop Socker” McKinney is an anti Semite. She associates with the black panthers and her entourage was filmed making anti Semitic remarks after she lost her reelection bid. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that McKinney was on a ship headed to Palestine. The mission, according to her, was to deliver humanitarian aid such as medical supplies and food.

The problem is, the ship failed to communicate with Israeli naval vessels that attempted to communicate with the ship. Ignoring a military vessel is not usually a smart thing to do.

The humanitarian ship, the Dignity, then tried to outmaneuver the Israeli naval vessel and the two ships made contact. This is the official version from the Israelis. McKinney though, stated that the naval vessel deliberately rammed the Dignity three different times.

Seems to me that if the Israeli navy wanted to do damage to the Dignity their vessels carry enough firepower to do so without endangering its own vessels. Ramming might cause damage and end up sinking the naval vessel. It is more likely that after ignoring the warning calls the Dignity tried to outrun and outmaneuver the naval vessel and the two made contact.

Of course, I was not there so it could have happened either way. However, it is unwise for any vessel to navigate near a war zone without communicating with the naval vessels of the combatants. It is well known that Palestine (as well as many Muslim nations) use humanitarian assistance as a cover to smuggle weapons and explosives. How was the Israeli navy supposed to know what was on board the Dignity.

Taking their word for it is out of the question.

McKinney is a moron and she is clearly demonstrating that she is more concerned for the people on the wrong side of the fight. Where was she when Hamas was launching rockets and firing mortars?

The fact that McKinney hates Jews is no secret. All one needs to do is look at her associations and listen to what her peeps have said.

She is an angry black woman who hates white people and this bigot punched a police officer and was never punished for the assault.

She might think she rules the house but the Israeli navy clearly demonstrated that in those waters, they are in charge.

Maybe next time, instead of playing games, the Israeli navy will sink any boat that fails to respond and tries to outmaneuver them.

That ship should not have tried to run the blockade. Israel should have sunk it.

they saw cynthia McKinney.reason enough.

The Titanic hit impacted the iceberg that sank it in at least 5 places. Surely you don’t think the captain steered the Titanic into an iceberg on purpose.

In any event, International law does not preclude military action such as blockades in international waters during times of war.

I think this sums it up:

&quot:They ordered the boat to stop, and we didn’t. They began firing over our boat and into the waters next to the boat. When the boat wouldn’t turn back, one of the naval vessels rammed the boat, but not enough to disable the boat.&quot:

So basically, when you are trying to run a blockade, ignore warning shots, and orders to stop you are surprised when the navy stops you forcibly?

They should have turned back, then tried again the next day. Provoking 11 naval warships is not too smart.

Why does Hamas still exist? Haven’t they run out of children to hide behind?

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