Why can the US have nuclear weapons but North Korea & Iran can’t?

For the record, I am 100% for the US, our leaders and our military. Also, I definitely think North Korea and Iran shouldn’t be allowed to have nukes, but honestly it does seem like a double standard. If we had no nukes and somebody else did, we certainly would be trying hard to protect ourselves and get them.

Both countries have proven to be unstable.

Bush is the Sheriff,and he is going to make sure that none of these other nuts in charge of these countries that can`t get their sh***t together have the capabilities to mess with the Sheriff and his deputies.

nobody said that they could not have them, it is naive to think that half of these countries in the world dont have something. i think that it looks bad when you go around firing them off and pointing them at us, the people who they have the audacity to ask for money.

I wonder what level you’ve achieved on the ignorance scale? Because they are irresponsible extremists. Dig it?

I wouldn’t trust these two countries with a ten foot pole

because n. korea and iran are rogue nations.

it is a double standard.do as i say not as i do.
we should lead by example not a strong hand

‘Cause we are the GRANDE FROMAGE and those other countries don’t matter! ( lol)

The U.S. knows when to use it, they don’t.

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