Christians: do you consider Pentecostalists Protestant?

I was in a chatroom and a mainstream Protestant guy told me that in his opinion Pentecostalists like myself are not Protestant, and not Catholic either, but different altogether. So please share some opinions on that…thanks!

within pentacostal movement there are many variations…some pentacostals deviate from scripture by claiming one must speak in tongues to be saved, or they exercise the gifts out of the prescribed manner in scripture. but most are beloved brothers and sisters in christ…and since they are not catholic they are protestant..but really the body of Christ is one so even the saved among catholic , protestant, pentacostal , orthodox, even some n the liberal churches are all one body, one spirit in Christ…

I was raised Protestant, when I started the Pentecostal churches I could not see the two of then as being the same or close to it. To me they are different, am not sure about the Catholic though. Blessings

the place did you hear or see that Protestants do no longer beleive interior the Trinity? you have needless to say never afflicted to look by way of a Protestant Hymnal or study any of their Confessions of religion. For 1500 years your real faith as you call it does no longer enable every person exterior the clergy everywhere close to a Bible, whether they might study it because of the fact the only language it became written in became Latin. Up till the Protestants got here alongside your real faith owned extra assets than any monarch in Europe yet paid no taxes to every person save the pope. yet nevertheless required extra. the finished Indulgence device that funded the Catholic church homes operation became based upon the belief of reducing a persons’ stay in Purgatory which itself is a advent of the Catholic Church. No the place interior the Bible that refers to it. this is the two Heaven or Hell there is not any in between throughout the time of of the midsection an prolonged time a number of of the popes of your real faith had there very own mistresses and young ones by way of those mistresses even nevertheless the best purchase of the clergy in Europe became meant to be celibate. in reality considered one of those celibate Popes used the intending from the diocese to line the wallet of his mistresses and his non existant infants. the real faith as you call it calls on your clergy to be celibate even nevertheless there is not any longer something the Bible that announces they could be. in reality the founding father of your faith Peter himself became married. It did no longer exchange right into a call for till the 9th century and in user-friendly terms because of the fact there have been 2 separate device of clergy interior the church. The Monastic device which required celibacy and the Parish Clergy which failed to. The Pope actually made them the two celibate in simple terms for consistancy. Your real faith if truth be told skipped over Paul. Paul somewhat below no doubtful words reported that a individual became stored by way of faith on my own and not by way of works so as that no guy might boast. yet your real faith is for specific and desperate to forget approximately approximately that. as properly new child molesting isn’t the only factor the Catholic Church is in command of. In Las Vegas a clergyman on the biggest church interior the city embezzled $500,000.00 in church funds and gambled it away down city.

The Oneness (Apostolic) Pentecostals ARE Christian, that’s all that matters.

Contrary to what some say, NO ONE is FORCED to be baptized!

They are protestants.

their protestant

the devil loves you unconditionally.

no pesky rules, either.

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