Why so many dems and independents would vote for McCain if obama is the other candidate?

Of course is not about race, but for i can see it is the first time that millions of dems without regret would vote for the other party…..is that the change that obama is talkin about?

that is actually untrue. alot of republicans I know would vote for Obama before McCain because they think he would be a much better president. I don’t know where you are getting your statistics. according to recent polls, it is the opposite at the moment.

You are right, it’s not about race. It’s about who is best qualified to run the country: true democrats will have a hard time voting for Obama. For that reason, many democrats will come out and vote for McCain, if Obama is nominated.

Aside from that: To the people who believe republicans will come out in the general election to vote for Obama… you must all be high on CRACK!

Republicans, in general, have a hard time supporting McCain because he’s to liberal for them. Those republicans would rather move to Canada than vote for the &quot:Most Liberal US Senator!&quot: You must be confused about this: the republicans who came out to vote for Obama in the primary elections, did that to try and save McCain from the possibility of having to run against Hillary Clinton: they want to keep the white house in November, so it’s best for them to run against the democrat who is easiest to beat: and that would be Obama.

Any republicans who say they will vote for Obama in the general election, are either not true republicans, or they plain and simple, don’t understand what it means to be republican.

a million. Obama 2. Hillary Any Democrat or concious American needs to look in the mirror long and complicated in the event that they are keen to grant those neocons a third term only b/c they lost the well-known. i think that maximum dems will come jointly for the greater constructive of the rustic. you may vote what’s suitable for the occasion, not wager against the guy who beat your candidate. that may not extreme college. With the neocons now banging the bomb Iran drums, do you relatively think of its a solid theory to combat 3 wars at as quickly as. (with the aid of OURSELVES) enable’s get genuine, and take returned this u . s . one election at a time.

obama is out to destory this country even a dem with 1/2 of a brain can see this.

obama is the closest the Democratic Party has come to anointing a socialist, racist and sexist. It’s time for moderate Democrats who believe in equality and love America to form a third party, or vote for Senator McCain (who loves and serves his country).

Maajority of america will still not vote for a man name obama

I can’t understand 1 word in that large run-on sentence. Except maybe the part where you said &quot:Of course is not about race&quot:

You have it all wrong. Independents and Democrats plus Republicans will be voting for Obama in November, and if he is not on the ballot they will use their WRITE-IN choice to make sure that he wins, making a statement that Clinton and McCain were never the choice of the country. Smile, and get over it.

None of the Dems and independents I know say that.

They say anybody but George W. McCain.

Sad to say, you are listening to too much FOX news and Rush

The alternative to Obama is McBush. Haven’ t you had enough of that!

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