What radio station do you listen to?

I did a survey of just radio stations you can get in my area on FM at college. That is only 6 and most of them turned out to be Radio 1. But there are thousands in the world. It would be interesting to see what people say on here what they listen to.

Odd times Classic FM

I’m in New Zealand, I listen to The Edge, ZM, Life FM, Mai FM, Flava, The Rock and sometimes
Classic Hits. I can never listen to one station all day 😀

I listen to a radio station called The Band. I can’t remember the number right now, but I have it preset on my radio. I also listen to 107.7 the Bone, but they’re pretty bad now. I also sometimes listen to Live 105, but they play a lot of crappy music, but sometimes they’ll have good streaks. I try to stay away from the KFOG trap.. they’ll play one good song then attack with a horrid one. There’s another weird station. Sometimes it’s playing punk, other times it’s playing weird experimental or even funk, but I don’t know what the number is. Oh yeah, KOIT, I think its called, can play some rockin’ jams.

I can’t stand daytime Radio 1.

I listen to Juice FM &amp: Surf FM

AM – News Radio and Radio National.
The relatives car I drive only has AM on it to tune into and listen to.

A lot of what is on FM frequencies/stations is rubbish.

I usually listen to the hit stations (lady gaga, rihanna and the likes). Also, where I listen to it depends on where I am. If I am in the car I use the radio, at home live radio on my computer.

Radio 1 and Smash hits radio!!!

bbc radio 2

Virgin most of the time, but a bit boring as they tend to play the same music . Mostly listen to Ipod.

None at all, don’t really listen to the radio as I’m mostly deaf now.

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