Is it &quot:weird&quot: if we get married before our actual wedding?

My fiance and I want to marry soon, like in a court house, but our actual wedding isn’t taking place until December. His family needed time to save money.

We’ll be filing for a green card after we get married but before the wedding.. would it be suspicious? A friend told us it would be.. so we want opinions before proceeding.

Thanks for your time.

When you get married, THAT IS YOUR WEDDING. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t as fancy as your little dream wedding, it is your REAL WEDDING. Having another one is tacky.

Once the marriage license is issued, you’re married. There’s no need for a ceremony since it’s a CEREMONY! The wedding has absolutely no legal consequence. You can have as many ceremonies as you want and the last one will be just as meaningful as the first.

No, it happens all the time. In that case you will not have a second wedding. The second time will be a renewal of vows ceremony.

Not suspicious at all, a lot of people do it.

if it’s by a government official it’s legal. it should be ok.

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