Is it okay to keep pictures of your ex?

My brother in law insists on keeping pictures of his ex-girlfriend along with a few other mementos from their relationship. It really makes his fiance uncomfortable and she wishes he’s get rid of them. He tells her they are just pictures and there is no sense in throwing them out. Other than having the pictures and stuff he shows no interest in going back to his ex-girlfriend, and he is very commited to his fiance. What would make him want to hold on to those pictures so badly? Is that normal?

Yea…its normal for some. My fiance has an exwife and he kept their pictures. I will admit tho….I made him store them at his mothers house and not ours.

Pictures are very sentmental. They are also memories. If I had to through out everything I owned and could only keep one thing, it would be my pictures. Because when we get really old and are no longer able to remember things, we have pictures to fall back on! 🙂

I think it’s OK to keep them,especially for the dart board, but, they have to be put in storage, not out for all to see. He has to consider his fiances’ feelings before she also becomes an ex.


Absolutely! You don’t deny your past because you are with someone new.
She KNOWS he’s had a life before her, and denying him that is very selfish and irrational.
Sounds like she’d like to give him a frontal lobotomy to forget his past. Not kewl.

I say it was just a time in his life that he can’t let go of. If she persues this then he will see this isn’t the girl for him either. Good luck.

No it is not normal, He may still have deep hidden feeling for her. If he doesn’t get rid of them he may have loads of problems with his fiance about this situation.

It was OK up until the time he got a new girlfriend, who should not be his fiancee until he can let go. Keeping them this long afterward is a sign of not letting go, no matter what he says.

Sure.. I keep pictures of my ex to keep the rabbits out of my

I think it is normal, it is funny to look back on pictures years later.

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