A question about our 2004 Pontiac Aztec?

We have a 2004 Pontiac Aztec. We have had it for 6 years, and now we are having some problems with something. Just about a week ago the CD player stopped working.
When we turn it on it just displays two words… Player Error. Does anyone on here know what is causing this? Is there an easy fix to this problem? We would appreciate your help. Thank you!

It might just be dirty or the cd player has given up the ghost…

You can consider fixing it ( not my first choice ) replacing it with a used unit from a salvaged vehicle or replacing it with an after market stereo…

talk to a car stereo shop and see what additional things you might need to convert to an after market stereo because when you have to start adding in modules it can get expensive

Added: I have never had any luck with cleaning them. Usually it has something to do with the reader… But you have to take it out, disassemble, clean and reverse… Not fun it it doesn’t work

In the electronic department at Wal-mart/Target or similar, you can purchase a CD player cleaner – several different brands. Try one or more: if it doesn’t work, you are not out a whole lot of $$.

If the above does not work, and it is not likely to work: you are either going to spend a LOT of money, or not listen to CDs in your Aztec. Rather than spending a LOT of money, trade in the vehicle on a a new vehicle with a new CD player with a warranty.

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