Will spaying a 16 month old dog make her less hyper?

will spaying a 16 month old dog make her less hyper

Probably not.

A dog who is always hyper is probably not getting enough exercise. Consider taking her to a dog-friendly park, beach or trail every day if you don’t already.

A tired dog is a happy dog!

I’d also suggest training the dog — working with a dog stimulates their mind and gives them something to do. You can find many good, free websites on dog training by doing a yahoo search.

Listing a breed would make this question ALOT easier to answer.. It is possible that spaying will help, but depending on the breed the only thing that will help is exercise! And that isn’t a bad idea anyway! If your dog is hyper, some easy ways of wearing her out could include one or more of the following: Long walks, short brisk walks, playing ‘fetch’ (i say ‘fetch’ because some dogs are notorious for getting the ball but not returning it!), multiple 10 minute training sessions are a great one too! Training sessions kept brief and plentiful are as tiring as light playing for a dog, believe it or not! Some of these options would probably be more productive in reducing your dog’s energy.. But she should be spayed none the less, both for her health and for population risk! Good Luck!

Find what motivates your dog. Some dogs do anything for food. Some dogs do anything for Toys. Some do anything for a good petting. Some do anything for only one type of food, like cheese, or hotdog. Some only have interest in training for 5 minutes at a time, and others can go for an hour. Figure out what your dog is willing to work for, and then work with her in sessions that are no longer than she can tolerate. How to train your dog properly https://tr.im/Vj6Qt

Sign up for a dog obedience training class. It will not train your dog. It will give you training on how you can train your dog. Most people understand the idea of training, but there is a right and a wrong way to do it, and there is good and bad technique. Timing and consistency is very important, and it helps to have feedback of someone watching you who can help you improve your technique to get more efficient results with your dog.

However, she may be somewhat anxious around other dogs, sort of like the shy kid on the playground. She will benefit from continuing what you are doing as far as asking her to sit before entering, but there are more things along those lines that will help her to calmly go in and out of the dog park. She may also benefit from going in short bursts, or only when fewer dogs are present, or avoiding times when other dogs that make her nervous are present. Maybe she just plays loud – my brother’s dog is this way – or maybe she is a dogpark bully – sorry it is possible. But more likely she is just a little anxious around new dogs and she wants to play but just doesn’t quite know how to do that and still feel comfortable. Don’t be surprised if your dog does not actually like the dog park, and maybe she would get more enjoyment and less stress out of simply going for a good walk somewhere else.

A wagging tail does not mean that your dog is happy or even comfortable with the situation. It means your dog is emotionally aroused. This could be a happy arousal, or it could be a nervous arousal, or it could be an aggressive arousal. Go youtube it, there are plenty of videos of ‘vicious’ dogs who are throwing a very aggressive fit of barking and snarling while their tail is wagging vigorously. Even police dogs who are not let off the leash to chase down a suspect can be lunging and barking and snarling, and their tails are still going.

I’ve had b*tches spayed at 6-7 years and it never changed their energy level. Age made them a little less energetic, but not spaying.

It might help a little tiny bit but, not much. What breed is she? Some breeds are known to have a lot of energy and drive. Make sure you are giving your dog plenty of walks and playing a lot of fetch with your dog. Your dog might be good at agility.

Spaying or neutering will keep your dog from getting pregnant or impregnating another dog. Females get the spay surgery, which removes the ovaries and uterus, while a neuter surgery removes a male dog’s testicles.


Not really, but do it anyway…you don’t need a litter of 8 or 10 little hyper puppies to match right 🙂

Not necessarily. All dogs are different and this surgery will impact them differently. It made no difference in my male puppy who is 7-8 months old (pound rescue so vet can only guess his age).

probably not. 16 months is still a pretty young and active dog. stilla good idea to do unless u plan to do some breeding.


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