Why Illegal Aliens MUST Be Licensed to Drive!?

Why Illegal Aliens MUST Be Licensed to Drive!
Democrat politicians in California have attempted on several occasions to grant driving privileges to illegal aliens…..aka, undocumented Democrats.
Their argument goes something like this: Illegal aliens are ‘good-hearted, hard-working’ folk—-even George Bush says so— who are very concerned about breaking California law by driving without a license and insurance.
Put that in perspective: California has about six million miscreants who have invaded America by crossing our borders illegally, and who have ignored all US immigration laws.
These criminals access public services to which they are not entitled, evade both federal and state income taxes, and have overcrowded California’s penal system to the point where authorities are unable to effectively deal with the US citizen inmate population.
They have also bankrupted several hospitals in the state by demanding medical care that hospitals are obligated to provide regardless of ability to pay.
Yet, dimwit liberals want California voters to believe that illegal aliens simply want to do what’s right in order to comply with the law?
Has human history ever recorded a more illogical, stupid argument?
Well, just one: The morons who want to license illegals are the same fools who vehemently oppose laws that would require positive identification at the voting polls.
So if California Democrats had their way, illegal aliens would be licensed to drive to the polls and would vote uncontested….for Democrats, of course!
To those illegals genuinely concerned about following the law, my suggestion is this:
Head south, do not look back, do not come back, and do not write….. even if you are able to!

That is why Governor Gray Davis was recalled, he was going to pass the law, Driving is a privilege not a right, how can they drive, they can’t read the road signs. also a licenses is a way of getting other documents illegally. That is why we need to get rid of Boxer and Feinstein, liberals that are ruining California. Also the judges of the 9th circut court, the most liberal court of the land.

Also they would not care about not drinking and driving, they would do it anyway they don’t care about our laws.

You need not say anymore then Liberal. This is a good Question and statement. It will be interesting to see what the responses to this will be. I mean first I read about illegal alien Magdalena and 10 poverty stricken kids in California, now this. It just get more amusing to me everyday. Keep it coming.

Hey people.

How willing are all of you to go out in the field and labor.

You all need to GET A GRIP.

Whats so bad about Mexicans? They just want a better life. What percent of their income do they send back to their starving families? ALOT.

It apalling and abysmal that you all would even THINK about being so ignorant.

And about the whole immigrant thing –
Everyone IN this fricken country are, or are decendants of, YES, YOU GUESSED IT. IMMIGRANTS.

I agree follow the first law-come in legally-than behave. No extras till you do

Ummm how about they stay here and you head south, and don’t look back, don’t come back, and don’t write! I would rather have them licensed after drivers tests then not at all.

yes swim back to where you belong. why would a wet back need a drivers license in the first place? they are already criminals…

Most politican are doing it for votes.


Way to rant…..I agree.

screw them

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