What should I get, a tablet or a laptop?

Listen, my Chrism is coming near, and I’mma get presants! But, since I get money, I get to buy myself what I want. Now. Before all, I like Android and stuff, so don’t recommend me Apple stuff, cuz I’m kind of a hater. I was thinking about 2 thing, either a HP Pavilion dv6-6125sl laptop that has quad core CPU, 6750 HD gfx and 4 gigs of ram or a Asus EEE Transformer Pad TF101. Now, I don’t need a TF201 solely because I think quad core mobile processor can be better. And I really like the laptop because it’s really cheap and the performance is great – I could record MW3 on max settings. But then again, the tablet is really nice and I already have a powerful computer at home, and actually the only reason I want to buy either a tablet or a laptop is because of the summer holidays when I’m at the seaside stuck with a Pentium 4 with graphics that have 64 MB of RAM and 1 gig of ddr1 ram, and can’t actually play anything, but on the other side, I have really liked the Android platform with all kinds of free games and the battery life on the tablet is just AWESOME. But, then comes the thought that some day I’ll be able to emulate Android on a PC. And there we are. I seriously don’t know which to buy, I mean since I saw the laptop I’ve just been wondering, is my road Windows or Google… If you have any other suggestions, be free to share them 🙂

If gaming means a lot to you, don’t bother with a tab, get the laptop. Yes, yes, laptops have some cheesy little games, but those are nothing if you call yourself a gamer.

If it’s okay for you to be unable to play PC games while you aren’t home, get the tablet. More convenient, lighter, has much better battery life

My answer is laptop hands down, you can do more with laptop than any tablet. More storage space and screen space. You can play movies on laptop not an Android. Inputting on real keyboard is easy over the screen keyboard. If you do some surfing on the web, you need a keyboard. The larger screen and storage will cost you in short battery life. There is several web sites with free games for PC too.

Well depending if you want apps or typing stuff haha cuz tablets suck for typing and online stuff. Here mostly jut for apps in my opinion 🙂

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