Little sister (12) threatening to run away.?

I am deployed to Iraq. My sister lives with my mother and upon my return and relocation, she is suppose to come and live with me. My mother has a boyfriend that is Bi Polar and at times he refuses to take his medication. He has broken my sisters Game boy and has scratched many of her CDs up. He also has a bad habit of telling everything she does. She is not a bad kid, but stuff like getting cookies. He doesn’t tell in an adult way but in away, like Ooohhh Robin (my mothers name)…LaNiaha is stealing cookies!&quot: My little sister has told my Grandmother that she wants to run away because of this. My mother was suppose to put this guy out a long time ago, but hasnt. What can I say to my mom to make her realize the seriousness of this situation. And not put a man over my sister. She didn’t raise me and has put men before me and I see it happening all over again.

Can little sis run away to grandmother’s house? That appears to be the best-case scenario.

Okay I get it and thanks for answering my question… Yes it’s a phase okay she’s 12 I’ve been there I wanted to run away as a child i got tired of feeling like I wasn’t trusted cause I’ve never have any reason not to I felt like since I haven’t done nothing wrong, our parents should give us space privacy but that’s not always gonna work out that way but hey that’s life for ya but anyway back to what I was saying we come back to reality cause if given a chance we’ll go but come running back cause we are still young we don’t think and we don’t physically know the real world by what just watching tv no but just sit and talk to her tell her to make a list write good and bad and tell her is it really worth it!!!

Your sister can talk to a guidance counselor at her school, they will help her talk to her mother in a fashionably manor. That’s pretty much the only advice i have 🙁 let another adult get into the siutation, your mom won’t want to get a bad rep with the school and maybe she’ll be embarrassed and realize that you guys really do need some change.

Tell her that enough is enough, and that if she doesn’t choose the daughter over that worthless piece of crap she is going to lose her forever… she is probably already going to have issues because of this guy and the longer she is subjected to it the worse it will be.
Sometimes women think they they can &quot:fix&quot: the guy and make him all better, but it is important to remember that this guy has a choice to take his medicine and to have a somewhat normal life but he chooses not to. His problems aren’t going away anytime soon.

Good luck!!

he is so rude. i would not blame your sister to feel that way, your mum needs to realise that your sister is feeling down and that this man is acting like a 5 year old, your mum is not helping by supporting the man and not so much the child, frankly it would be best the girl gets outta there, if the mum is not going to stick her head out and stop this man taking over and being so damn out of order

Well your mother doesn’t seem like she cares. IF she is allowing this to happen, some one needs to do something. Maybe your grand-ma can allow her to stay with her?? Thats pretty cruddy he acts like a little kid. Ugh, i would knock him out with the cookie jar if he ever did that to me. Its cookies. LOL Really he needs to grow up.

Your sister needs you!

Take care of your sister. She should live with you. That way she could have you as her rolemodel, and see what she could achieve in life. Talk to your mom about how she could lose her daughter, and that her man is a danger for both of them.

I think you really need to call Child Protective Services, if you think this guy is a potential threat to your sister. Talking to your Mom really isn’t going to do anything at this point, if she has a history of moving &quot:temporary&quot: people in with her kids.
I think you should really nip this thing in the bud.

get social services involved, they wont take your sister away but they will try and manage the situation so that things start working better e.g. they may get someone to make sure this guy takes his meds, they will give a worker for yor sister to talk to, family mediation and maybe some parenting classes for your mum

Be firm, tell your mom how her treatment harmed you, and that she needs to put her children first, instead of moving a 30 year old child into her house.

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