Are liberals suffering from some sort of personality disorder or are they just uninformed?

I don’t mean to offend you liberals, and I am asking this only because I really want to know because I know that I was once a liberal as I am from the most liberal area of the country with far-left parents and it took me a long time to realize that everything in which I was taught was either wrong, a lie or taking advantage of my vulnerabilities to get me to think a certain way. Oddly enough, I quit thinking that I was a liberal as soon as I started to pay attention to my surroundings and saw that it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t so predatory.

I see that some grow up to be liberals. Are these people suffering from a personality disorder, mental illness or are they just willfully uninformed?

I’ve posted this before, so excuse me if you’ve seen it already. There are, in my estimation, 4 different types of liberals. Here they are:

The Naive/Uninformed- Everything sounds good. They don’t educate themselves. Just kind of go with what sounds right, or what the media leads them to believe. Generally the youth (18-24) who want to see politics through rose colored glasses and don’t realize that the Democrats are actually the party of the rich and elite now and are bought and paid for, just like ALL politicians. They don’t realize that social programs actually do more harm than good.

The Victim- The benificiary of many of the social programs that liberals push. These are the people who think that they cannot control their own life. Everything that goes wrong is the fault of someone else. Women who make poor choices and do not hold men accountable (i.e. giving up the milk for free), then want to either abort the baby or have the government take care of him/her. Men who do not lead by example and show themselves and/or their family that hard work and education pay off. There’s no personal responsibility.

The Moral Elite- These are the people who like to let everyone know that their Democrats. Generally well-off, they like to think that they’re better than others by &quot:supporting&quot: women and the poor. Of course, this support means voting for Democrats who will send a check to the poor so they don’t actually have to do anything themselves. This person can be seen walking down the street in a rich area of town with an Obama t-shirt on and bumper sticker on his/her electric car, as to say &quot:I get what’s going on with global warning. And I’m not racist&quot: (see: Hollywood). This makes him/her feel morally superior to some of his/her friends who happen to be conservative.

The Kennedy liberals- There is a large faction of “baby boomers” who have stayed Democrat (just watch the evening news). Why is this? My best guess is that it all goes back to the hero of all liberal heroes, John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy served as President from 1961 until 1963, when he was assassinated. This is precisely the time these baby boomers were young and impressionable themselves. And while the Bush-bashers of the last 8 years forget about the Vietnam mess we were in during the Kennedy years, many remember fondly on the Civil Right era that Kennedy presided over. What many also seem to forget, either through selective memory or because they don’t really care to know, is that Kennedy, like most politicians, was more concerned with getting votes than the Civil Rights Movement. That he backed away from trying to push any Civil Right laws on the fear that it would anger many Southern white Democrats. The same Kennedy administration agreed to allow the FBI to wiretap Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the allegations that he was a communist. But these facts are irrelevant to some. The success of Civil Rights in the United States has been credited to Democrats and Kennedy. And who cares about facts?

I don’t think is a disorder. That would imply that it is not common. It appears that liberalism is quite common. Look at history. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro were all liberals and convinced or killed their way into making liberalism a national way of life. It didn’t work out well for the people, so your instincts are good. What I don’t understand is why the liberal thought process gets any serious attention.

Jeso Christo
About time this problem had a finger pointed at it.
Many indeed, and difficult to focus in on the main one. I believe it to be a &quot:conglomerate&quot: of many, so as of now, avoiding a definitive moniker.
Where to start?
Similarities to anorexia, self punishment, self dissatisfaction.
Panic disorder(s), climate change
Emotional traumas, guilt, shame, self blame, hopelessness, fear
Phobias, all too many to name.

A mass of conflicting impulses.

I mean really … pick one Ya’ll, and stay there, yer all over the map. They’re a &quot:Traveling Circus&quot:.

It’s a combination. Most liberals come from dysfunctional home environments causing them to adapt in maladaptive ways to the chaos around them, thus resulting in some sort of personality disorder, combine that with a constant diet of msnbc and ignorance (and lots of it) abounds.

You sound like my conservative brother, there is only one opinion that counts, his.
I guess I’d call myself a centrist, I agree with a few things the conservatives say but more with the liberals. At least liberals are allowed to think for themselves and not follow like lemmings.

Awww, someone is rebelling against their parents. How cute. It works both ways. Conservative parents will have liberal kids and vice versa. It’s so adorable when people are walking stereotypes.

Oh, and that &quot:personality disorder[s]&quot: is called &quot:a deep understanding of reality&quot: and &quot:human empathy.&quot:

Liberals are dillusional and only see the world through rose colored glasses. I am on a e-mail list from the DNC and I am ocassionally sent their daily talking points. They are funny.

I can say the same about conservatives. Problem is there are no more moderates, who can listen to both sides of an issue and make up their own mind.

Yeah Liberals are great. Kill babies-save soldiers, respect my opinion- dont give me yours, they talk out of both sides of their mouth and usually behind your back. Its a sad state of affairs. Watch your back out there in Liberaland. You could be part of the next Obamanation.

I’m pretty sure that we’re all uninformed. We just all have our opinions, and that’s that. I’m pretty sure that you’re very uninformed too.

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