What’s the relationship between Germany and Bavaria?

Is Bavaria part of Germany? Is Germany part of Bavaria? Which came first?

Bavaria is one of the sixteen &quot:Bundesl–ﬧnder&quot: of Germany. You can compare it with the 50 States of the USA. The capitol city of Bavaria is Munich.

Bavarian State Chancellery, Munich

Bavaria is Germany’s largest and oldest state. Its perception of itself and its sovereignty have evolved from a history spanning over one thousand years. This heritage is still alive today. Although with a unique appearance of its own, Bavaria is yet inseparably linked to German and European culture. The aim of Bavarian government policy is a Bavaria with strong political institutions and healthy economy, living in social harmony and conscious of its responsibilities to Germany and its obligations to Europe.

Cornerstones of this policy are the democratic state under the rule of law, the parliamentary system, the social market economy and the federal structure of reunited Germany. In a united Europe, too, Bavaria will uphold its specificity and self-awareness.

Bavaria is Germany’s southernmost state. It has always been a crossroads of trading routes to the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. Since the Alps had never formed an impassable barrier, Bavaria was open from an early time to the influences of Mediterranean culture. They were entrenched in the Bavarian way of life, in the principle ‘Live and let live’ and in the informal sociability of its people. In short, in everything understood as &quot:Liberalitas Bavarica&quot:.

Bavaria is a region in the Southern part of Germany, south of Munich &amp: North of Austria. It was an independent state in the past but became part of unified Germany in the 1800’s.

It is also, in my opinion, one of the most scenic places in Europe.

the same as between US and Texas….Bavaria is a state in the Federal Republic of Germany

Stoiber and Bavaria rule Germany. Or should since the rest have too many liberals, and not enough dirndls and lederhosen!!

it part of Germany in the south and they make BMW car in Bavaria

I think that it is in the southern part of Germany. Germany was many independent states for hundreds of years before being unified by Prussia in the late 1800s.

Its a state of Germany, but it would like to be independant, like Quebec in Canada. Otherweise it’s a nice place to visit, only their German language is awful. Any north German cannot understand a word they’re saying.

PURELY PLATONIC, but they are very close. (sorry, I couldn’t resist)
They sprechen zie Deutche.

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