What song got overplayed this year?

Despacito. I hear it on the same radio station 50 flipping times a day.

Justin Bieber and that &quot:why don’t you go an love yourself song.&quot:


That damn Bruno mars song. I got a condo in manhatten. I hate it. And I’m a huge fan of his

Despacito, It’s not even that catchy or good and no one cared for it until they threw Justin Bieber in it, and we all know if his name is on it it’ll become a hit no matter how quickly annoying it gets, it was good for like the first 7 times but **** the radio stations just put bullshit music like that on 1,000 times a day

How would anyone know that?

In Germany:


All of them.

Don’t know, can’t even remember the last time I cared for mainstream music.

F***ing Despasito…

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