People are born into religion. You must believe what your parents believe. What do you think of that?

I find it to be total bs.

So there were these grown kids who were killed by their father for not following his path. This other religious guy then told me they should have followed their (or rather their fathers) beliefs. Because they were his kids whatever he believed-they believed because they were born into it.

Wat. At the same time he is trying to explain to me god is loving but you will burn if you do not follow him. He is trying to convert me and yet he is telling me how all these horrible things will happen if I dont believe. How god will test me.

Honestly? It makes god sound like a tyrant. Believe me or **** you is it?

Totally oppressive!

If you wanna believe in God then come to him yourself. I don’t like that parents mutilate their little boys and make their kids believe. I came to Christianity by myself. I won’t force anything upon my kids. No circumcision and if they don’t want to go to church they aint got 2!

Most people do this without paying it any mind. As children we accept what our parents tell us as truth because they have proven that in most things they can be trusted. Of course there are some cases where the child can tell that the parents are full of b.s and then there are the many parents who are afraid to admit to themselves that they are wrong or even worse they didn’t really want kids in the first place and just do shat society tells them is best.
If the parents have any love or respect for thier child they will let the kid make his or her own choices when they come to the age where they can reason these things out for themself. This has nothing to do with a specific god either by the way, so stop teasing the lion food.

Not always, there are converts between very different religions.

Anyway, yeah, I agree. Fear and upbringing are both strong bases for many kinds of religious belief.

The whole fire and brimstone thing is an offshoot of the idea that people are bad and evil and awful and deserve eternal punishment, but to the believer, even the option of getting out is a testament to God’s immeasurable love. It’s not a system I find particularly pleasant- never mind the personal consequences for a disbeliever like myself, lots of people who are good to their fellow man get tossed also. Ick.

My parents weren’t always that religious. Just to some extent. They taught me basics, but more than that they showed me how to be a good person through religion. Never taught me anything bad that a religion may teach.

Anyways as I got older I moved out for Uni and I become totally separated from my religion. i just didn’t care anymore. Its not like I had my parents to impress. At one point the concept of religion interested me. So I sat around researching and learning as much as I could. At this point my parents already figured I was a lost cause and didn’t pressure me. An ex of mine was from a different sect so I even considered changing my sect and they were surprisingly cool with it. As long as I was happy. Anyways after we broke up is when I just didn’t care. But interest sparked in learning about other religions. So I spent a massive amount of time researching and learning and even meeting people. Somehow I ended with my own religion and spent time actually learning about it and what things actually meant instead of what my parents told me.

I loved it than. Not when it was pushed on to me but when it was my own time to discover and see what it was really about. I love that my parents never pressured me when I no longer wanted it. They were accepting.. When I returned of my own free will it meant so much more.

As far as I’m concerned, teach your kids. Don’t pressure them and when they are old enough they can decide. If they return, great. If not, maybe its just not for them. =]

Sigh. I think you’re talking to a crazy person that doesn’t know God at all.

Society never progresses if we just keep believing the same things that have already been believed. People need to feel free to think their own thoughts and question whatever they need to, otherwise we are not complete people, and are not being the people a God would have intended us to be.
People are not born into ideas, people are born as slobbering babies who can’t think for themselves, to suggest we stagnate with what we are taught when we are 5 is just silly.

i’m very pleased to be responsive to God. i became into raised via a non secular Catholic &amp: an avowed atheist. My faith–everyone who follows the catechism, it truly is– holds that everyone who’s a good individual has an truly extreme danger of going to Heaven so, whilst i’m happy to be aside of the religion that i think is actual, if I have been a ingredient of a faith that taught good ethical habit (as maximum do) then i’d in all probability be basically as dependable in loving my fellow guy and God. interior the top, All people who desire to be a ingredient of it (no remember if or no longer they be responsive to it in this existence or interior the subsequent while they ultimately behold God/Allah/Yahweh/The Divine Entity it truly is) would be at the same time in Heaven. The call that they supply God in this lifetime makes no distinction to me. What concerns is following God’s way it truly is largely being a loving individual. Cheers to all the different religions interior the international in the present day and to the souls of those that attempt to be good human beings (and a prayer for human beings that have strayed from the ideal direction. &quot:good&quot: which potential the &quot:attempting to be good human beings&quot: section.) 🙂 Oh, and likely I have been given your sarcasm 😛

Teaching your children about your religion at a young age is the only way this crap keeps getting passed on. This is possible because young kids don’t have the capacity to filter out such nonsense. They believe in Santa and Jesus. Both are not real, however it’s very difficult to abandon a belief you’ve considered true for so long. It’s a shame.

Okay.There are sick people in this world .You can’t stop them untill you become some political leader.
People who kill others or harm others are not at all religious.
You can follow whtever beliefs you want.No one can force you.When a child is born,he becomes seperated from the body of his mother and hence he grows up and moves alone in the journey of life.He will only follow what experience teaches him not what his ancestors teach him.
I do not even want to comment on that example you gave me cozit is so gross and that man is so sick he doesnt deserve my time .

It’s what you believe dear, whatever you think is right..go for it and if your parents aren’t okay with it just pray about it and whatever you feel is the right thing to do go for it..i’ve been through that path and it wasnt easy but look where it took me 🙂 im happy as ever and so are my they say &quot: if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain first&quot:

First: I’ll address the &quot:burning&quot: part.

REGARDING &quot:HELL&quot:.

What do think Hell really is?

Old Testament (Hebrew) – Sheol is just the grave.

New Testament (Greek) – Hades is just the grave.

Hell is just the grave.

If you were taught that it is an eternal burning fire, stoked by Satan, please realize that the Bible says at Revelation 20:10, Revelation 20:13, 14, and Revelation 21:8 that Hades and Satan are both destroyed.
Verse 8 says that the &quot:Lake Of Fire&quot: is DEATH.

It says that ALL LIARS are thrown there.
Satan IS a liar. John 8:44

Satan DIES.

The Bible says so !

No Satan+No Hades, means there is no eternal burning hellfire.


My Father claimed to be Baptist. My Mother was Pentecostal.

I am neither.


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