My internet is extremely is extremely slow …?

This only started out of the blue yesterday, I have used spybot search and destroy and norton anti virus both of which cannot detect any viruses.

Im also getting messages from windows (popping up on the screen) telling me that there are viruses on my pc but when I click the options it takes me to the internet for an anti virus thing I have to buy. The scan is free and supposedly detects lots of viruses but like I said before I have to pay before it will fix them.

Im confused since the internet is still slow and the Norton and Spy Bot haven’t picked anything up, if they have they have been deleted.

Everything else on the pc is working at normal speed apart from the net. I have defragmented the hard drive and cookies and the slowness still persists. Its driving me mad!

Can anyone help???

Thanks in advance


This is obviously a Trojan. And i think its a Trojan Sept, meaning it changes its name every 2 seconds to avoid detection. The fraudsters use this to make you buy the supposedly AMAZING anti spyware that will detect this Trojan. Well, they are liying, it will actually make your Pc slow as a whole, not just the net. So do not click on this messege thing.

What you need to do is close down whatever explorer your using, eg. Firefox or Internet explorer and use another. Check your fireawall for anything suspeciouse. If things still persist, LOCK down your firewall. This will disconnect the Trojan entirely from the Internet, which it needs to keep running and popping up these messeges. Leave it like that for a few days and let it die out. After that, it should get itself destroyed as it has no supply. Hope you sort this out, Good luck.

The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. Don’t buy anything! It is just a scam. If any pop ups tell you that you have got loads of viruses don’t believe it. The Norton security won’t work because that can only detect viruses. The thing on your computer is not a virus it is malware. I would recommend that you download Malware Bytes Anti Malware and scan your PC. It will get rid of any malware on your computer. After you have done that you should scan your PC with Norton and then restart it. is a website to test your connection.
You most likely have a virus. First off, don’t buy what they are selling it probably won’t fix a thing. Here is something to try.
To turn off System Restore
1. Open System Properties.
2. Ensure that the Turn off System Restore check box is selected.
• To open System Properties, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System. In the System Properties dialog box, click the System Restore tab.
• If you cannot turn System Restore off, your domain administrator might have enforced administrative system Group Policy on System Restore. Contact your domain administrator.
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Now update your spybot then reboot in safe mode, scan and see if that helps. If it doesn’t remove it you can also try to use Adaware SE from It is a free software similar to spybot. Be sure to system restore back on once it is fixed. Good Luck.

You have a rogue software application designed to trick users into buying a fake product by using scare tactics

To remove rogues, antivirus 2009, other variants, or other malware
Download and update
The free versions can detect and remove
Malwarebytes AntiMalware…

Scan in Safe Mode(press f8 rapidly while booting and select safe mode)

Run Malwarebytes and delete what it finds.…

Some Spyware scanners can slow your system and browsing.
Some AV programs like Norton can slow your system.
I run AVG 8 (full version)and Malwarebytes once a day.

AVG does realtime protection without slowing things down,except when it does the daily full scan of my pc.that is ok.

Yes download the malware bytes as daniel mentioned.

Also try Spybot and &quot:live one care&quot: 90 days free trial


if your internet is slow, it has nothing to do with your computer but with your service provider. try unplugging your router and then plugging it back it.

or call your isp and tell them about it, they may be having problems in your area

get wirwelesss

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