I have carried my cell phone in my shirt pocket for over 9 years and a lump is directly underneath.?

Should I worry about this? What are the possibilities of this being cancer? (Recently when I kept the cell phone away from my shirt pocket for over two months the swelling reduced to a pea size.) The lump is about a size of a dime and stings when I keep my cell phone inside my shirt pocket.

After searching under keywords for Cellphones/Cancer, I found this… The Food and Drug Administration said the results indicate a strong need for more study but not for immediate action to curb cell phone usage.

Does anyone know of a similar situation?

What a great way to bring in the Year 2008!

John Lopez

Get it checked out by your doctor!

There is no doubt in my mind and educated experience with radio frequency (RF) transmissions, that it is vitally important that the possible adverse effects that these devices have on human tissue, not be taken lightly! It is still early days and time will tell as it did for smoking, asbestos related products and countless of chemicals and herbacides, in the past.
The simple fact is that everyone should be aware that the longer you use the phone the greater the adverse affects are likely to be. There is no doubt whatsoever, and it is well documented that high levels of RF are DANGEROUS! Cell phones transmit at much lower energy levels, but their consistant and prolonged use may well have a cumalitive effect.

Although there is no proof to indicate that mobile phones can cause cancer, there is sufficient debate to cause doubt as to the relative safety. As a telecommunications engineer I am aware of the power density levels produced by mobile phones and the effect they can have on different people.
Mobile phones transmit using radio frequency radiation (RFR). Dependant on the network this can range between 800MHz and 2GHz. These are radio waves located within the electromagnetic spectrum. X-rays which are known to cause cancer through ionizing radiation are also within the electromagnetic spectrum, however, RFRs cannot cause cancer in the same way as x-rays because RFRs are non-ionizing.

However, high levels of RFRs can cause health effects through heating the human body (thermal effects). To address this health effect, the Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic Radiation Human Exposure) Standard 1999 specifies limits on public exposure to RF radiation from mobile phones. The limits set by this Standard are only a fraction of the levels needed to cause thermal effects.

Whilst it cannot be shown at this point in time that the thermal effects from mobile phones are a health hazard there is a considerable body of scientific literature which describes the effects of RFR in biological systems that cannot be directly attributed to heating. These effects are referred to as non-thermal and have been demonstrated to cause alteration in animal behaviour, or changes in the functioning of cell membranes.

Should you wish to have a bit more reading on the subject from a non-engineering perspective, the following Cancer Council link may be of interest:

You should get it checked out by your dr.It could be irritation caused by friction because of the weight of phone in your pocket.Could be you’re allergic to the material it’s made of.Don’t freak out,i’m sure u not the only 1 to keep cellphone near their body for long periods and there has not been conclusive evidence to suggest cellphones cause cancer.

I think it would be best to get to a doctor as soon as possible to find out what it is. I hope it isn’t anything serious. You may want to see if you can purchase a BIOPRO chip on Ebay to put on your phone. They claim it can protect you from cell phone causing cancer.

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