Eating healthy during pregnancy?

I find it so hard to eat good during pregnancy! I get so sick in the beginning, then I have to basically eat something every hour and a half to two hours… and I end up eating whatever I can just heat up quickly – especially like fast food or microwave meals. How and what can I eat more healthy???

Yes ma’am.
Fruit is the best answer. I experienced bad morning sickness and could not even keep water down most days. But eating fruit helped. My doctor says grapes and bananas aren’t the best unless you are just eating one or two. Everything else is fine.Yogurt is fine too. I also did crackers and peanut butter. Ginger helps keeps food down too.

Good Luck and keep eating!

Yes I am a guy but my wife is a health nut. She drinks more water than I thought was humanly possible. I believe very strongly that that is one of the best things you can do. I know that no pregnancy is easy but i think it helped my wife’s a lot especially during the birthing part. I think if you drink water you won’t be snacking as much either.
Just a thought

IВґve had this problem during both of my pregnancies as I had morning sickness throughout and didnВґt really eat much of anything (except ice cream) :S I just made sure I took good vitamins that are specially made for pregnant women and both of my babies were perfect beautiful and healthy!

i had the same problem until i came up with something that made a world of differnce. cut up strawberries, kiwis, bannannas, grapes, rasberries and your favorite fruits put them in a bowl with some yogurt! its the best

your on my contacts list so i thought i would say.

Congrats on the baby. 😀

i would try drinking stuff like Naked and not TOO sugary smoothy drinks, or chocolate milk. Try those 😀

Try snacking on fruit.

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