Baby Name Game {20 Characters}?

1. You get pregnant with:
a. girl
b. boy
c. boy/girl twins
The baby/ies name/s are family oriented and their middle names are biblical baby names. What do you name the baby/ies?

2. You get pregnant with:
a. girl
b. boy
The first name is a nature name and the middle name is a color. What do you name the baby?

3. You get pregnant with?
a. boy twins
b. girl/boy twins
c. girl triplets
You chose the first and middle names. What do you name them?

4. You get pregnant with:
a. boy
b. twin boys
The first boys name is one from your favorite sitcom and if you have a second baby, his name is from a disney movie. Middle name is up to you. What do you name the baby/ies.

Later on in life, your kids grow up. What do they become, who do they marry, what are their kids names?

Last name is Brenner. 🙂

C. Boy/Girl Twins!
Kimberly Abigail. (Kimberly is my aunt’s name.)
Wesley Aaron. (Wesley is my grandfather’s name.)

B. Girl!
Freesia Magenta.

B. Girl/Boy Twins!
Heidi Elizabeth.
Erik Preston.

A. Boy!
Jesse Lee. (Full House.)

Kimberly Abigail: She went to Oregon State to become a psycologist. She got married to Morgan James Beckett. He works on an army base. They live together in San Diego, CA. They have two boys: Liam Parker and Seth Caden. She’s pregnant with a little girl who she’ll Magnolia Reese.

Wesley Aaron: He went to New York University to study sports therapy. He’s married to Marjorie Leah Fischer. She is a middle school math teacher. They live in Mission Viejo, CA. They have triplets: Aurora Bryn, Elijah Matthew, and Olivia Claire.

Freesia Magenta: She went to beauty school to study cosmetology. She’s married to Isaiah Kellan West. He’s an engineer. They live in Honolulu, Hawai’i. They have one daughter: Valerie Jane.

Heidi Elizabeth: She went to Alaska Southeast to study history. She’s married to Kohl Michael Channing. He’s a fisherman. They live in Scagway, Alaska. They have five kids: Dalton Rhys, Declan Jeremy, Dylan Gregory, Delilah Mae, and Delia Aubrey.

Erik Preston: He went to UCLA to study chemistry. He’s engaged to LinnГ©a Rosette Cohen. She’s an elementary school history teacher. They live in Whittier, CA. They have no kids yet.

Jesse Lee: He went to Ohio State on a football scholarship. He’s now on the Philadephia Eagles. He’s in a relationship with Sarah Brielle Jennings. She’s a bartender. They live in Philadelphia. They have no kids.

Fun! 🙂 God bless.

1. Boy! His name is Lincoln Silas.

2. Girl! Her name is Olive Violet.

3. Girl/Boy twins! They’re names are Matilda June and Cedric Henry.

4. Boy! His name is Malcolm Vincent.

1. boy. Mitchell Jacob

2. girl. Skye Scarlet

3. boy girl twins. Christopher Daniel and Autumn Jade

4. boy. Leo Benjamin

1. Sara Elizbeth
2. Lillian Scarlett
3. Adam Christopher and Zachary David
4. John Derek and William Connor

&quot:Sara, Lilly, Adam, Zach, J.D., and Will.&quot:

1. Terry Matthew – grows up to be a pilot and marries an artist
Their kids names are Scott and Danielle

2. Lilly Blue – grows up to be nurse and marries a builder
Their Kids names are Ruby and Rudy

3. Clancy Rose and Jonnie Rae – Clany grows up to be a singer and marries a nightclub owner and Jonnie grows up to be a football player and marries a model
Their kids names are Dogan, Wesley and Violet

4. Frank and Mickey – Frank grows up to be a miner and marries a chef and Mickey grows up to be a mechanic and marries a lawyer.
Their kids names are Jalessa, Kalinda and Jules

That was Fun!!!

John Samuel &quot:Jack&quot: &amp: Emma Ruth
Orson Gray
Lucy Hazel &amp: Henry James
Chandler Edward

1. BOY – Jack Christopher
2. BOY – Peter Grey
3. BOY/GIRL TWINS – Ryan William and Maggie Ann
4. BOY – Luke Thomas ( Modern Family)

Jack, Peter, Ryan, Maggie and Luke 🙂

c. Boy and Girl Twins
Aleksandr (my great-uncle) Isaac and Annabelle (my sister) Ruth

a. Girl
Lavender Ebony

c. Girl Triplets
Melody Jane, Rosemary Sage, and Sarah Elizabeth

b. Twin Boys
Ricardo Jesse (I Love Lucy and Full House) and Gaston Hans (Beauty and the Beast and Frozen)

Aleksandr Isaac grows up to become the owner of his own wig store, his business partner being his wife, Wanda LaKeisha. Wanda and Aleksandr have triplets, named Gerard &quot:Gerry&quot:, Archibold &quot:Archie&quot:, and Davion &quot:Davie&quot:, all named after famous wig designers.

Annabelle Ruth decided to become a charity worker, sponsoring cancer-research organizations after her father died of lung cancer, and her daughter is battling lung cancer as well. She is married to Carter John, an accountant, and their only child is their daughter, Daisy Johanna.

Lavender Ebony is a psychic, or so she proclaims. She tells other people’s fortunes in her shabby studio apartment, but most people say that she’s just a crazy alcoholic. She’s divorced, her ex-husband being Hugh Jefferson, a big-name, rich CEO of his own company, and he has sole custody of their only son, Hugh Beezlebub Junior. (Lavender picked Hugh Junior’s middle name).

Melody Jane &quot:Mellie&quot:, Rosemary Sage &quot:Rosie&quot:, and Sarah Elizabeth &quot:Sarrie&quot: are now wrinkled old ladies who lounge around the front porch, gardening, baking for the local kids… And murdering. They are the culprits for an unsolved crime, and the haven’t been caught yet.
They killed Mellie’s husband, Wesley Andrew, a carpenter, because he cheated on Mellie. They also killed Mellie’s two children, a boy named Andrew and a girl named Jessica, because they witnessed the crime. They also killed Sarrie’s loving, rich businessman husband, Oliver Meriwether.
Sarrie has no children, and Rosie is single and childless. Sarrie hates what she and her murderous sisters are doing, but she’s afraid to speak out against them because Mellie and Rosie will kill Sarrie because she witnessed their crimes, and might report them to the police.

Ricardo Jesse is a bartender is a Las Vegas hotel, and he is planning to propose to his girlfriend, Veronique Anouk. However, he is cheating on her with his high-school sweetheart, Pepper Theodora. Who will he choose? He also impregnated a girl named Amy Catherine in college, and their son’s name is Damian Bruce. Ricardo doesn’t know about Damian, though.

Finally, Gaston Hans is living in Los Angeles, and he is a hitman for a powerful mafia family called the Cappozzi’s. Gaston is having a long, passionate affair with his boss’s, Cosimo &quot:The Machine Gun&quot: Cappozzi, wife called Giovanna Cappozzi. If Cosimo finds out about their affair, he will kill Gaston without a second thought.
Giovanna and Gaston are thinking about running away after they find out Giovanna is pregnant with twins. Cosimo finds out because he has &quot:connections&quot:, and kills poor Gaston. The twins, Rosetta and Antonio, are born and Antonio &quot:Tony the Thug&quot: Cappozzi becomes the boss of Cosimo’s crime organization when he has grown up.

They was great. I especially like Mellie, Rosie, and Sarrie’s story and Gaston’s story. Poor Gaston lol 😛

-C : Joshua Matthew &amp: Hailey Elizabeth
-A : Skylar Gray haha :p
-C : Natalie Marie, Melanie Carmen, &amp: Alessandra Lynette
-A : Michael Brandon

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