Are my reasons legitimate reasons to not support gay marriage?

1) I believe that everyone has the power to choose their actions. Nobody is born gay and I feel like that is an excuse. Its simply another drugs or alcogol, and it might be harder for somepeople than others to abstain from it.
2) Gay marriage does not promote family settings. Children should be reared by a loving mother and father, and procreation is cannot happen without a man and a woman.
3) I have researched this subject thoroughly, and don’t consider myself misinformed. I truly believe that people may be born with higher chances of favoringbthe opposite sex, but I don’t believe that people are born gay.
4) It’s morally wrong. Yes, God lovea everyone, even gays. He also loves murderers and child molesters, but that does not mean that he approves of their sinful actions, so I.don’t consider this a legitimate excuse.

please don’t hate me. I honeatly have.researched this and have come to the conclusion that same sex marriage is wrong to me. I believe its simply a temtation that some find harder to overcome then others. I dont hate gay people, they arent different then any other people, but I dont support their way of life.

1) Cool! When did you choose to be straight?
2) Right! You’re telling me that when the divorce rate is at 50% in America. Also, there are abusive heterosexual parents who don’t know how to take care of their own kids. I don’t know about you, but when I think about family, I think of an environment where everyone is raised based on love and education.
3) It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to disprove your points so I don’t know what research you have been doing.
4) God loves everyone. Yes, it says in the bible that homosexuality is a sin. It also says that about tattoos, divorce, eatting shellfish, etc.

It’s not a way of life. It’s not a choice. So I suggest you turn around and do some further research. This time, pick the more valid argument, it will make you sound less stupid 🙂

No, they are not.

You can’t even spell &quot:temptation.&quot: And I suspect your &quot:research&quot: has all been done on homophobic, so-called &quot:christian&quot: anti-gay sites, so, duh, what kind of &quot:evidence&quot: would you get?

I don’t CARE what you consider legitimate. I just think it’s really peculiar that you keep posting your homophobic ignorance on the GLBT site and expecting us to pat you on the head and tell you what a good girl you are.

go peddle your stuff elsewhere.

By the way, kids raised by same-sex couples, particularly lesbians, are BETTER ADJUSTED and more socially capable than those raised by het couples.

So… think of the CHILLLLDREN. Lesbians should be given adoption priority.

Yes because everyone has a right to their opinion.

If you’re against about gay marriages , then dont waste your minutes about this. No one is listening anyways.

Damn, these trolls are killing our crops like no other tonight.

Just leave my farm house and picket fence, it took me years to build those.

I’ll just re-grow the corn, I guess.

No. You’re incorrect and grossly misinformed.

No. Not at all.

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