When Sarah Palin says, &quot:Drill Baby Drill&quot: – is that her saying that?

She said it and I agree. We are RICH in oil in the U.S and the environmentalists are afraid to let us do anything. They cannot make money if they say yes.

It is a shame….had we been able to drill in more shallow water or on land more we would have had any disaster cleaned up the second day.

Why do you all think it is good idea for bozo to give Brazil and Russia money and the ok to drill on our land and not give it to AMERICANS? It is ridiculous and two faced.

BOZO is out to ruin the country and is out to stop 9.9 MILLION JOBS in the oil business. That will create a ripple down effect where it affects OTHER businesses too. ONE job is always dependent on other companies and other businesses so one job loss affects OTHERS too.

Sarah Palin knows what she is talking about. I agree with her on most things and she has courage and a backbone…and you can bet she would have been in Tennessee with the flood victims and in the gulf and doing something LONG BEFORE BOZO did.

this is bozo’s Katrina. His lack of emotion in the Tennessee Floods (devastation even today and he has not been there or acknowledged it ONCE let alone HELP THEM)….and in the gulf issues….is his downfall BIG TIME! He has lost more points over this…..

people are SICK of his shenanigans and fake heart!

When Sarah Palin speaks, she actually talks.

The problem with her is that she really isn’t intelligent. I’m not saying that ’cause she is conservative, I’m saying it because she’s not. In all of her interviews she kept on trying to spew out memorized rhetoric but she could never use it properly. That means she understands little if anything she is saying. It’s all very sad and pathetic.

Say what? Spill baby Spill then hide from the media when the gulf economy is in ruins?

Yes, it is. What puzzles me is why she isn’t on the shores helping to clean up the animals. That would be a wonderful PR move on her part.

Her meaning did she think of it? Of course not. She says exactly what her handlers tell her to. Nothing more nothing less.

You actually take notice of what she say’s …………………dude you need better entrainment

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