What’s your personality type?


Gemini sun in 8th house
Aries moon in 7th house
Gemini mercury in 8th house
Taurus venus in 7th house
Virgo mars in 11th house
Libra rising


scorpio sun, moon, venus in house 2
libra mars in house 1
asc virgo
mercury sagittarius in house 3


Gemini Sun 1st House
Sag Moon 8th House
Gemini Merc 1st House
Gemini Venus 2nd House
Cancer Mars 3rd House
Taurus rising


Scorpio Sun, 4th House
Gemini Moon, 11th House
Scorpio Mercury, 4th House
Scorpio Venus, 4th House
Gemini Mars, 11th House
Leo Rising

I got ENTP

Pisces sun in 10th house
Libra moon in 5th house
Aquarius mercury in 9th house
Capricorn Venus in 8th house
Leo mars in 3rd house
Gemini rising


Capricorn sun 6th
Cancer moon 11th
Capricorn merc 5th
Pisces venus 8th
Cancer mars 12th
Leo rising.

Virgo sun in the 12th house.
Sagittarius moon in the 8th house
Libra Mercury
Virgo Venus in the 12th house (I think)
Libra mars
Aquarius rising


Libra sun 1H or 12H (I don’t know if I’m borng 7am or 7.30am)
Aries moon 11H
Libra mercury 1H
Virgo venus 11H
Scorpio mars 1H
Libra rising


I already knew I was extroverted lol

dang that’s a long quiz thing…i did take it once…basically i’m an Introvert….very much so. i like to be alone. 🙂 and i’m Not shy!

INTJ. i was surprised by how accurate it was.

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