What would you do if your 15 year old son tells you he got his girlfriend pregnant?

My son is 15 and his now Ex girlfriend is 16. He lost his virginity to her and we found out that she almost got pregnant. After that we forbidded him from seeing her. He was in love with her and still is so he kept secretly seeing her. She moved away and came this summer to visit and her and him had to have had sex again because now our son came to me and my husband and announced that he got her pregnant again and shes 8 months. He said he didn’t even use protection and he doesn’t know what day she got pregnant. She also plans to give our grandson up for adoption. My son wants to keep the baby but he will have to move to a reservation(were Native American) were hell get help. I don’t know what to do.

There are somethings in life that we can control and things that we can’t control. Who we fall in love with is one of those things that we can not control. As parents you and your husband need to accept the fact that your son still has feelings for this young lady and they have a child on the way. This child will be your grandchild. If your son wants to custody of his child then he should be and encouraged to fight for custody. For you may one day be sorry for not being able to get to know your grandchild and in your sons case his first born child. Think with your heart and think about your son and your grandchild and your sons girlfriend.

She almost got pregnant? How does that happen? &quot:Hi honey, you almost got me pregnant but the sperm slipped and fell, so we’re safe now.&quot: I think maybe if he doesn’t know what day she got pregnant, you should suggest getting the girl to have a paternity test to confirm that the baby is your sons. What’s your stance on the girl adopting out? Would like her to keep it? Is moving to this reservation going to jeopardise your son’s education and ambitions? Was it your idea? I think yes, your son has made a huge mistake that he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life. Don’t spoil him by any means, but just help him through this confusing time. I think the girl, your son, you and your husband/wife need to sit down and have a discussion about what’s going to go on. Make them responsible for it and help them decide what might be best for the baby. All the best!

It is their decision as to whether or not to give the baby up for adoption. At least they are thinking of the baby. Now, if you want to adopt the baby yourself, ask the girl about it. Can I move to the reservation and get free stuff too?

He has rights and if he doesn’t want to lose connection with his son then he needs to not sign adoption papers.
Keep this boy in school and help him do what he thinks is right. He needs to know that he will have to put a lot of effort into school and parenthood but he seems like a boy that has some decent values. Help him.

Tell him to let the child be adopted by a nice family.
And from now on don’t let him out of your sight until he is 18. Then he has to move out and support himself.
Falling in love and having babies is not child’s play.

How do you know it is your son’s baby? Can the girl prove it? If your son wants to stay with his baby, good for him. The baby didn’t ask to come to this world. Good luck. All you can do is show support for your son.

why dont you adopt the baby from the girl
because after all it is your grandchild ,
and in the future you and your son might regret giving it away x

there nothing you can do ,,, really i think the girl going the right thing by adopting the baby , they both far to young for a child ,,

If he wants custody then he needs to talk to the ex about it.

buy him some luggage and tell him not to call collect.

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