Miley cyrus dress?

Do you know what dress miley is wearing like which brand and where i could find it. i really like it and ive been looking for something like it a long timee.

Thank you

Lmfao she looks ridiculous!

regrettably, that may not the respond you’re finding for. Sorry, why not be resourceful and placed your guy or woman creation mutually. do not reproduction her gown, extraordinarily not a green gown with &quot:bigggg&quot: black polka dots! often, i might say placed on what you opt for, look beautiful and be comfortable. yet this time, I could take a stand. seek for yet another gown. Take Care…action picture star

eew! why you wanna copy her? she has a sex tape out!
copy someone like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez. now they are hot! unlike that ugly *****, who talks like a man

how can she sing good? she has bad vocals.

i think the dress is totally cute. but her face could be better

cute dress hate her


They have lots like those usually. And actually even

id rather die than go out in public wearing THAT, why would you WANT it? yuck

she looks hideous!!!!!!! she looks like a sheep

that dress it hideous

i love that dress !

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