Is it true that most Mexicans or Mexican-Americans in US are indigenous blood but in Mexico most are mestizo?

If you saw a lot of Mexicans in US some people would be stereotyping the entire country as indigenous American Indian but I heard if you go to places like Mexico city, you’ll see a lot more truly Mestizo (at least 3/8 white) and White Mexican folk whereas the Mexican immigrants to US are mostly very indigenous in looks and genes. Is it true Mexico City folk look a lot different in general than US Mexicans?

I suspect most Mexicans comming to the U.S.A. illegaly are the dark skinned Mestizos who possess more American Indian blood than White blood.Mexico’s present racial population is 60% Mestizo(of mixed White European &amp: American Indian ancestry),30% American Indian,9% White(of pure White European ancestry,most White Mexicans trace their White racial roots to Spain,France,Italy,Germany,etc.),1% Black(most of the Black Mexican population in concentrated in deep southern Mexico.

well, the distinction between many &quot:American Indian&quot: and &quot:Mexican Indian&quot: groups is based on a man made border which was only established a couple hundred years ago. Before then, many of the tribes along the Southwestern US and Northern Mexico interacted with one another and some resided and emigrated back and forth along both sides of the current border. In fact, there are actually a few tribes that still reside on both sides. So the distinction is really more of a nationality issue than an ethnic one. Personally, I think it’s offensive when some Americans (whose ancestors arent even native to this continent) refer to undocumented indigenous Mexicans as &quot:illegals&quot:.

I just got back from a Mexican restaurant, and all the men there look like Natives.
I’m sure in Mexico, they’re mestizo ( half european half indigenous ) and castizo ( 3/4th white, 1/4th indigenous ) and even some creoles ( full white born outside of europe ).

I saw some gorgeous mexican girls, who look completely white.
Inez Sainz is bangin’

I guess there could be some truth behind that, simply because Mexicans in the US are a lot more likely to have mixed with White people.

It’s the same concept as Black people in Africa having less White blood than Blacks in the States.

I probably see Mexicans and Mexican Americans that look mestizo more than I see full Indigenous, here in CA.

there are a lot of whites Mexicans in the U.S. Indigenous Mexican Indians vary from light to dark. Selena and Eva Longoria are Mexicans they are not Mexican Indians.

not only different races in mexico but different classes. mexicans of european decent are in a higher social order. you could be standing next to a spaniard and think of him as european extraction (which he is). they don’t jump the border. they get visas and fly into US. they have the money to do so. there are mexicans of german ancestry. we see the indios because they are the ones that have the least: the ones that will risk their life to come to el norte, it’s their only hope.

Is it true that Americans are really just a clusterbuck of inbreeds?

Most Mexican-Americans aren’t even legally Americans at all.

No illegals = No Burritos

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