With which cricketer would you like to play ‘single wicket cricket’?

Single wicket cricket is a form of cricket played between two individuals, who take turns to bat and bowl against each other. The one bowling is assisted by a team of fielders, who remain as fielders at the change of innings. The winner is the one who scores more runs

So select a cricketer (international or first-class) with whom you want to play a game of single wicket cricket.

BQ: Select one user from this section with whom you want to play single wicket cricket.

Cricketer: Ian Ronald Bell, so I could knock his block off.

BQ. User from this section. As I can play with Sarah whenever I like, I’ll pick Kookee, as I’d love to see if he’s as good as he says he is.

against sachin

user: hmmm.. against Haneef (he is afridi fan)

Chris Martin

BQ: ???

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