Why was the Virginia man arrested for firing at the ANTIFA dude coming at him with a homemade flamethrower?

News media said he had a torch but it was a flamethrower. And he wasn’t the only one who had one from other clips I saw.

He was arrested because he was NO WHERE NEAR the guy with the can of Raid.
His life wasn’t in danger. In the video you can see he was no where near the guy with the Raid can.
If your life was not directly threatened, then you have no reason to stand your ground, and fire your gun.

In other words the guy with the Raid wasn’t near the guy with the gun. the guy with the gun actually walked back
to go after the guy with the Raid can.

It was an aerosol can lol

A torch, ok. But a flamethrower? Flamethrowers are a weapon of war you know that right?

Because the Virginia man actually pulled the trigger on his weapon.

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