Why does the US try to portray North Korea as a bad place?

When in reality it works well. No foreign wars, no greed, workers control production and make a living wage, no income inequality.

Yet the US paints the place as a bad place, to keep the people from seeing the potential of society where the workers call the shots.

The US isn’t the only country that &quot:portrays North Korea as a bad place&quot:. North Korea is internationally recognized as an imperialistic regime that has, under the rule of Kim Jong Il, been governed purely on the basis of fear and intimidation. I can’t speak for his successor, as I don’t know much about him, but Kim Jong Il drove the country into EXTREME poverty, where they barely have enough money to feed their own citizens (let alone provide healthcare and public services). There is a reason you see so many North Koreans attempting to flee the country.


Ah, I see what is happening. Successful troll is successful. Well played, good sir. Well played.

North Korea is a bad place because it is not welcoming to US capitalism. That could be a good thing.

I wonder where you get your information from – people are starving, millions have perished of starvation and disease, people are trying to run away daily, there is an ongoing &quot:cold-war&quot: which sometimes turns hot with South-Korea and no worker calls any shots in N. Korea – they get shot…Read some balanced info.

Go there and come back, and then tell me that.. and oh man if you are a white American… Good luck.

Although I am sure the average citizen is very nice. But the leader is a deranged lunatic.

I don’t know, North Korea has an evil dictator, the people are starving, and unprovokingly attacked South Korea. Screw our rights we don’t want them anyway do we?

North Korea official banned color this week.

Seriously, the whole country is now in just black and white.

i doubt all that
they do have an ample supply of beautiful women though and well what is that worth-trillions?


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