Why are there so many lebron hatesr? Is it like a bandwagon and everyone just wants to jump on?

I go on any basketball related video and in the comments I see Lebron Travled or Thumbs up if you have as many rings as Lebron or those people who just want to see him fail because he left cleveland, but even in cleavland people were riding his dick. What real reason do people hate him? Did I not catch on?

I basically hate LeBron bandwagoners and haters because what did LeBron do? He just jumped on the Miami Heat wagon and you suppose you just hate him and LeBron Bandwagoners, stop being an idiot with saying LeBron is GOAT and better than MJ because you have no life at all so why can’t you just hop along with your other idiot friends.
Edit:I NEVER and i mean NEVER said you were any of this, you are dumb enough to dislike this, and that’s one of the things I hate about on yahoo.

I don’t &quot:hate&quot: Him, i won’t call him nicknames or anything (but queen is pretty funny)
I actually liked him and i was a fan back when he was a cav. But then he joined miami and pushed his coach, said he wanted to play the entire game then took it back when his team lost, said he’d win 7 championships before playing one game, cry when he lost, i just can’t be a fan of someone like that.

BUT this doesn’t going to mean ima say he sucks and he’s overrated, i think he’s one of the greatest SF’s of all time

Honestly, i think everyone else just hates him because it’s the &quot:cool&quot: thing to do. He’s obv a beast and stats show it yet &quot:haters&quot: still refuse to admit that.

Now HEAT haters, i understand them completly

Just to make people mad and for the fun of it. I doubt many people outside of Cleveland have any real hate for Lebron.

&quot:We didn’t come here to win one championship, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…&quot:
-Lebron James, 0-time NBA Champion
&quot:Once the games start it’s gonna be easy.&quot:
-Lebron James, 0-time NBA Champion
I can’t stand his ********* and arrogance. You would think a player who talks like him, has won something before. When in fact, he’s 2-8 in the NBA Finals. Win a damn ring before your open your big mouh.

do you know how to make a 90 degree angle into a 45? lebron who, what? ate up fux. can I get extra lettuce on my big mac? poor kids these daze.

I have no hate on LeBron, but messing around with him is damn hilarious LOL.

Its cool to hate Lebron. lol. How else do people &quot:Fit in&quot:.

I’m just mad he’s not on my team.

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