What’s the point of living?

So, I’m 13. But, don’t let that fool you. I’ve been through a lot, and I’m very mature for my age.

Lately I’ve just been wondering what I have to live for. I tried to make a list of reasons to live and I couldn’t come up with anything. I get depressed a lot, I don’t know why though. And I don’t believe in God. I wish I did, but I just can’t bring myself to believe in a higher power. It’s like, I’m going to die in the end anyways. So why waste 80 years being sad, when I can just stop it all now. I don’t want to live. But I don’t want to die. There’s nothing special about me. I’m pretty smart, that’s about it. I don’t have a lot of friends, and the one’s I do have aren’t really the greatest friends. I just feel like my life is worthless. But, I don’t care. I just want to die.

Please help me. Do you know if there’s any mental illness or condition I have that’s making me feel this way?

Peace, Mariah.

First, deep breath, relax and try to unwind. Now lets work backwards through your post.

First of all, depression is a mental illness which can effect every aspect of your life and change the way you would normally think, your logic is thrown off by it whether you realize or not and everything seems a lot worse than it is. During the teen years it’s especially bad because of all those hormonal changes going on. Things probably aren’t as bad as you think, but your depression is making it seem worse to you. Your depression may ease over time anyway as your circumstances change and your body grows accustomed to all these chemical changes you’re going through, however if it’s really causing you distress or to feel so miserable then you could speak to a doctor about various treatments which may help it.
I’m sure you also have family who love you, don’t exclude them because they will help you through your depression in ways you can’t even imagine. You never have to go it alone and suffer in silence.

About your friends, if you feel you are lacking true friends then the simple answer to that is to make some more, get out there and socialize, there are billions of people in this world and so many unique individuals, you just have to keep looking and you will find people you can relate to who are true friends. Join clubs, attend groups and parties, get involved in sports etc. and meet people through them.

Ok, you don’t believe in God, so you don’t believe in an afterlife either, is that right? Or is it that you’re unsure if there’s a God but could accept/hope that there is one and the possibility of an afterlife? Either way, life is a gift. You were born as a unique individual with a unique sense of self and people who love you. You can feel happiness, sadness, joy and pain, hot and cold…you can live and breathe, experience and at 13 you haven’t even begun to experience your life yet. There’s so much you can and will do in the future. Is having nothing (not even a sense of awareness and self) better than experiencing all that life has to offer, the good and the bad?
Your life may not be exactly as you want it right now, but time changes things and nothing lasts forever, in the next few years there will be so many doors opening for you. You are special, you are unique and you will always have so many reasons for living. Yes we all have to die some day, but what you do until then is entirely up to you, so have a think about what you’d like to accomplish in your life and how you’ll get there then do it! make it your goal to reach those accomplishments.

To be honest right now I know how you feel yea I do beleive in God but I know they say he’s the only one that can help out with these type of problems. I’m in the same boat I don’t feel I belong in the world of the living anymore but evreyone is telling me suicide isn’t the way to go I get and lose friends..but mostly I lose family members (grandma) 2010, we miss you granny and I’ve lost my mother when I was born and a sister I feel so that I can just go to a dark place and never come back but I don’t think we should do it but hopefully we can feel better soon.

I&quot:m sorry your life sucks. My life really sucked when I was your age too. However, in that time I have experiened so much and if you tried to kill yourself now you would miss out on so much. I’m an atheists too, and you should wait this out. You are only 13, your brain is growing and your emotions are going crazy. There is a high chance that if you get therapy now that you will be a normal and healthy adult. There are plenty of people that manage to overcome terrible experiences during their youth to go on to be better. I have so many mental problems and grew up in a cult, but I’m still fighting second by second to be h ere because I know there will be better times. I have dreams and things that I want to do. I have people that care about me and I know would be upset if I killed myself. Just hang on and don’t give up.

Wow. There is a lot to life. You will meet people, go places, and do things. There are real good meds you should take because wanting to kill yourself is a sign of danger.
I think there is a suicide hotline you can call. Like my dad said, we do not know what is on the other side. Just in case it’s nothing, so be it, but if it’s what people KNOW by their leap of faith… all the better. So that is why he went to mass a lot.

You can start by talking to your counselor at school. You could talk to a priest or minister, even if you do not believe.

No one wants to see you gone. Hang in there.

Think of this world as a test. Everything that’s good takes work and requires you to overcome hurdles and defeat self doubts. If you can last a lifetime and at the end of it. Still have love in your heart for your fellow humans, animals, nature and earth itself. Then you have fulfilled your purpose. You have grown stronger in spirit. You don’t need to believe in God because you are god. Don’t look to the stars for answers because you are the stars.

Just look within you and face your demons one by one. Only then will you see what really makes us what we are. Born of the earth, part of the earth and no better than any other life form that walks the earth. Free yourself from your false ego. Love yourself and this love will extend to all around you.


Hi Mariah,

It sounds like you are depressed. While it’s normal for teenagers to be depressed, wanting to kill yourself is a whole different story. Depression is serious. Talk to someone about it. It helps, trust me on this one. If you have nobody to talk to, then there are counselors that will talk to you for free at youthinbc.com Just click on the &quot:chat&quot: button in the upper left hand corner.

You’ve got to find your place in life. Everyone has a different place. Although you are 13, it’s not too early to find out what you love to do. Find a passion. Once you have found your passion, immerse yourself in it. If you can’t decide on what your passion is, here is a list of hobbies that might interest you: http://www.notsoboringlife.com/list-of-h…

I hope things work out for you. Talk to someone about this. Talk to a school counselor. Don’t worry, they won’t tell your parents. I know how you feel about this. I’ve been depressed before and have tried to kill myself. I can honestly say that I am so glad I did not end up killing myself. I talk to someone about it, and it really helped. Trust me. You can email me too if you need to talk. My email is in my profile. Hope I helped, Mariah. Good luck.

your purpose is to become educated and achieve Eudaemonia (greek word for true happiness). you can have everything you want in life and not be rich or have many materialistic things. life is about finding beauty in everything. you will come to learn that. don’t get discouraged by the world. you are only 13 which means your life starting to slowly change into adulthood. things can become overwhelming for you but they will only make you stronger. being a teenager is never easy but once you emerge, you will be great. I promise. and that &quot:why waste 80 years being sad&quot: remark, do you really think you’ll let yourself be sad for that long? i hope eventually you find something you enjoy doing lol

When I was little I went through a similar situation. I talked to my mom about it and went to counseling and got the help I needed. I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Being a teenager is hard. You go through alot, but trust me there is alot to live for. I am sure there is alot of things special about you. We are all differnet and that is what makes us all unique and special in our own ways. Being smart is something to be proud of as well. Please talk to a trusted adult and get help. Hope you feel better.

im going out on a limb here because it might be depression and people arnt going to like what i say.
if you dont believe in god that is your fist problem,being thirteen it is a tough age to believe in god because you havnt seen much of this world yet.believe me there is something very special about you.i am older now but seemed through out my life to only have mediocar skills i was good at everything but not good enough to be special,but now that i have experienced god ,i found that everything i have is perfect ,its all i need to fullfill gods plan for me,and thats what you need to find out gods plan for you.if you need help or just want to talk please write
[email protected] (thats a zero)
god bless

It’s hard for me to add to what’s been said. As you can see, there are lots of us out here who made it through some low, low times as teenagers. And we’re all still kickin.’ Life’s not always hard. There are good times up ahead.

Have you ever heard the song, &quot:Letter to Me&quot: by Brad Paisley? It’s one of my favorites…

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