What are we to make of Donald Trump’s claim that global warming is a hoax invented by Chinamen?

Is he right?

I believe it is real cause it’s happened before in the history books of science however it currently is not going on and probably won’t happen in our life time and global warming is not man mad the sun starts spinning faster creating more energy which turns that energy into heat so when it hits our atmosphere the weather is hotter itll never really be an issue for anywhere besides Antarctica

donald trump has no clue what he’s talking about… he’s hoping for the poorly educated to take his word for it… you have to be a fool if you don’t believe having nuclear power plants, driving cars (carbon monoxide), burning coal, oil spills in our oceans and depleting trees aren’t effecting our environment and destroying our atmosphere… if you’ve actually done any research you would know that both antarctica and greenland are losing mass and contributing earths rising sea level… one of the reasons republicans don’t want you to believe in climate change is for the fact numerous americans shall become more efficient and less inclined to use polluting energy sources… that means oil, coal, and gas shall lose substantial amounts of money… these people shall put their greed before their country and if you’re gullible enough to fall for their lies, so shall you…

Donald Trump os delusional

I think it’s possible that the Chinese want a piece of the global warming hoax economy of the future. Besides when real science proves this theory wrong you all will just call it climate change.

Global Warming doesn’t exist, this is just a rotation the Earth goes through every 30 years.

Donald intends on handing out flyers that read ‘THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING’, printed out in large friendly letters.
People are advised to sit and stare intently at it, repeatedly chanting the words.

In my personal opinion I find that absolutely hilarious Trump finds what scientist and what most of the world is very well aware of, a host. So does that mean the earth isn’t round? Is water not wet? I mean come on people.

It’s an obvious hoax put put by Communists, in this case it’s not the Chinese Commies, but Western Liberal Commies. Think Al Gore.

Donald Trump says a lot of things, nobody knows, not even his campaign, knows what he’s on about.

Donald Trump, is dumb, there is evidence of global warming. He is not fit to be president. He literally asked &quot:How come we have so many bombs, and we can’t use them?&quot: 80% of the things he say are false.

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