spiritually speaking, does this cartoon show how atheists feel about christians and visa versa?

and how everyone else feels about each other



Actually, I apply that more to
&quot:I really hate the Christmas season, but I’m the only one: everyone else is clearly enjoying it. I just put a happy face on not to spoil it for the others.&quot:

Having attempted the sharing of my deep reflective thoughts with others (But never on trains!) I can only say that most other human beings do not go where I do.
XKCD may have found a particularly high-class carriage-load of passengers.

I can wipe the floor with anyone, regardless of spiritual nonbelief. Here’s some practice: An athiest monkie named Pascal opens a bar and asks how athiest have morals?


As a Christian, I keep thinking to myself how the atheists that constantly debate Christians &quot:just don’t get it&quot: when we answer. And, I’m sure that the atheists feel the same way when we answer them over and over and over again with the same answers to the same questions.

And, I have to wonder, why is it that when the same question is asked (or a variation of the same question) why they don’t understand that you will get the same answer?

Yeah, in fact, I would drop the first part of your statement, it is too specific and might be accused of trolling.

&quot:how everyone else feels about each other&quot: sums it up quite nicely.

No, although it amazes me that some people in this forum are proud to be &quot:servants&quot: of god. Forgive me for saying so, but that’s kind of whack. I do not associate with that type of people in the real world: not any more than absolutely necessary, anyway.

I concur except I object to the &quot:and vice versa&quot: – vague and ambiguous and not reasonably calculated to lead to a logical concusion.

In a sense I feel like this, but I other atheists instead of I

LOL Yep, I think that pretty much sums it up! I love ironic humor.

I live in New Orleans—-disaster voyeurism—you make me sick. There is nothing funny about these cartoons. Get a grip.

This is the feeling of ‘I consciousness’ which is ‘ahang’ in sanskrit or Pali. This unique existence of feeling of ‘I&quot: really does not exist according to Buddhism . Nothing to call ‘my’ ‘mine’ including the thoughts made by ‘me’.


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