should i get a priest in my house or not worry?

weird stuff happens in our house not all of it is good. allot people have experienced it too. but it doe snot scare me because of this story.

well i sweared i smelled my grannies perfume around the house. i felt her presence well i told my mom about it. well okay something push my mom when she was going to start drinking. nothing or no one was around her so she got scarred decided not to drink. next day my brother broke his femur, he would have died if he did not go to the hospital. if my mom was drinking she would have not taken him. so we ask a psheychic who push me she said dolly. that was my granny name.

yet something claws my brother in my house too scratches him i found a bent cross in my house. a silver cross a small one that i kept. i have heard really loud whispering in my house so has my mom. cabinets fly open, things get thrown across the room. my step dad hears chains in the wreck room at night.

one ight my mom was sleeping she heard really loud banging in the wreck room door. they thought someone was slamming their fist against the door. and they went in their with weapons thinking someones braking into the house no one was their.

another time i heard tapping on my window in threes i ignored it i hear noises all the time in my house. i had a scary dream i saw hell. i was frighten the tapping got louder i walk into the living room. fell asleep outside my parent bedroom. my mom woke up the next mourning saying who was knocking on the front door last night?

my mom was lying in bed she saw my brother. she went to go ask him what he was doing it turned into a black shadow flew away.

if you take pictures in the wreck room little lights well show up on the camera they are red dots. i take pictures in the dark.

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Additional Details
my mom step on the bent cross it went into her foot. i believe in Jesus everyone just to let you know. i did not tell all the ghost stories.

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the cross that was bent was a small cross. it was silver like if you wanted to bend it you have to take a hammer to bend it.

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i lived here for 8 years nothing bad has happen to me.

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whatever it is the ghost it hits my brother sometimes. i asked a psychic she said not to worry it justt hat the ghost has been their for so long it is frustrated. we live to on indain land i dont know if that helps?

There are no ghosts.

Your mom obviously has a drinking problem, and heavy drinkers often have sleep disorders and hallucinations.

Your family needs a good family counselor, your mom needs to stop drinking, and you guys need to seriously stop freaking out your little brother. Your poor brother’s imagination has gone mad from your family filling his head with garbage.

Since we’re in R&amp:S, there is no hell or demons in Jewish scripture, but that paganism was inserted to create the old testament because that’s what early christopagans already believed, then added the mythology of the new testament to save xtians from the hell and demons xtians inserted in the first place.

Get real!

I dont know if you actually have &quot:demons&quot: but that patch of woodlands might be a natural focal point for negative energies. Was there a house there? Get the council or the owner to remove weeds and thin out the growth and create more paths to change energy flows. If there’s a stream or creek or brook running thru or next to it make sure its not polluted or blocked and have paths made down to it. Create a path around the outer edges that circles the patch. Ask to have this done on the grounds of … its a fire break! Demons outside the bathroom window? Is your yard fenced? DO you have a dog or cat? Could just be a &quot:normal&quot: run of the mill peeping tom or potential burglar casing for a weak point to break in perving thru the windows and prowlling around your house at night. Ring the police instead of a priest.

I can tell you this straight up – a priest does not have authority to cast out evil spirits. So calling one up and trying to recreate The Exorcist isn’t going to work.

I can also tell you that evil spirits don’t hang around where they’re not wanted. To be more specific – the CAN’T hang around where they’re not wanted. Light and darkness can not co-exist in the same place, and it doesn’t take an astrophysicist to tell you which is stronger than the other.

I had a friend in a similar situation, actually. There were literally evil spirits hanging around her house – and I and others on occasion even saw them. But why were they hanging out there? Was it the house that was haunted? No. It was members of that household – who weren’t necessarily bad people – that through their behavior and their attitudes invited them in.

I’m not saying anybody in your house is a devil worshiper, but anything as silly as foul language or as ubiquitous as pornography can push away the light and invite the darkness in. Your whole family has to get together and do some talking and come to some decisions about changes in your home that can bring the light back in. Or you will have to do what my friend should have done (and tried to do) and leave.

Oh, and psychics are even more useless than priests. More often than not, they work for the darkness. And Satan can not cast out Satan.

First, never deal with a psychic. It’s against God’s will. Repent.

Second, there could be evil spirits (ghosts) in your place. Don’t worry. Pray…pray..and pray…if any wants to mess up with you, then you should tell it to go away as you’re with Jesus…it may still test you, but keep going with faith…God will help you, don’t worry…evil spirits fear Jesus, because He would punish them all at the end of time…

A Man with an Evil Spirit
(Luke 4.31-37)

21Jesus and his disciples went to the town of Capernaum. Then on the next Sabbath he went into the Jewish meeting place and started teaching. 22Everyone was amazed at his teaching. He taught with authority, and not like the teachers of the Law of Moses. 23Suddenly a man with an evil spirit [e] in him entered the meeting place and yelled, 24&quot:Jesus from Nazareth, what do you want with us? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are! You are God’s Holy One.&quot:

25Jesus told the evil spirit, &quot:Be quiet and come out of the man!&quot: 26The spirit shook him. Then it gave a loud shout and left.

27Everyone was completely surprised and kept saying to each other, &quot:What is this? It must be some new kind of powerful teaching! Even the evil spirits obey him.&quot: 28News about Jesus quickly spread all over Galilee.

First of all i hope i get best answer. Second, look supernatural ghosts or whatever you call do exits, im not a person that worships the devil or something they just exist so in all seriousness you really need to get a priest in there and do the excorcism and if that doesn’t work then im really sorry but your gonna have to leave.

Maybe it is a organism living in between parallel universes that is mimicking dolly and playing games with you people.

The best thing to do is confront it, tell it that it is no longer welcome in the house and tell it to leave. Tell it that if there are other dimensions that it is capable of entering then to do so because there is definitely a place for it to find comfort peace and happiness elsewhere to ease its troubles.

Believe me when I say this. There is only one way to rid spirits from a house for good. Get all of the delusional people to leave the house. It works every time. The only problem is they seem to like delusional people and follow them back in.

There are no such thing as ghosts or spirits,

Also, psychics are baloney. They are usually after your money.

This is not the answer you wanted to hear. But it is true.

David, you are a stupid, superstitious man. Very, very stupid.

&quot:Demons pretend to be ghosts&quot:. You believe as a 5 year old does.

Naw. He wood only get hurt, seen it in the movies. Don’t worry be happy that U trust in the Higher Power who can kick anyones butt.

Before a priest can perform an exorcist in your home, they have to be approved by the Archdiocese before they can begin.

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