Republicans: Will your patriotism for the president remain the same IF Hillary or Obama become president?

While I may not like them or their policies I will respect the office of the president and never insult my country in an effort to discredit my president. That is where the Bush haters have crossed the line. You can criticize a president for what he or she does or what he or she says. They are public figures and are fair game. But to try to bring them down by bringing America down is going too far. It is treasonous and contemptable.

not voting repub, but my patriotism is for my country not a person.

I hope they do the best possible job they can. I disagree with their POLITICS. I have nothing against them personally.

Thelonius: They already make fun of the &quot:Lil’ Dems&quot: including Obama on there anyway. They don’t need another show for it.

Don’t confuse what these people do with patriotism. Most are parrots, nothing less

Yes I will have respect for the office.

You think comedy central will have a &quot:Lil’ Obama&quot: show on?

Somehow I think not.

This will be a test for them.

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