Poll: Is ‘second hand smoke’ ….?

…affecting or effecting my keyboard?

Just curious. Please &amp: thanks.

depends on what ur smokin’. and then probably more affected by the first hand effects on the operator since second hand effects take a while to have an affect. 🙂

Ask your keyboard then offer it this:

usage Effect and affect are often confused because of their similar spelling and pronunciation. The verb 2 affect usually has to do with pretense &lt:she affected a cheery disposition despite feeling down&gt:. The more common 3 affect denotes having an effect or influence &lt:the weather affected everyone’s mood&gt:. The verb effect goes beyond mere influence: it refers to actual achievement of a final result &lt:the new administration hopes to effect a peace settlement&gt:. The uncommon noun affect, which has a meaning relating to psychology, is also sometimes mistakenly used for the very common effect. In ordinary use, the noun you will want is effect &lt:waiting for the new law to take effect&gt: &lt:the weather had an effect on everyone’s mood&gt:.

affecting would be the correct word to use gramatically in that sentence. But the statement would not be true, as you keyboard does not breathe. At least, not as far as i know. If you have some awesome keyboard that breathes, please let me know where i could get one. It would be a great conversation piece

That would be effecting, as your keyboard does not have feelings, so it can’t be affected.

Affecting. I know somebody who used to smoke cigars while online.
He opened the computer to clean out the dust and said that there was a lot of tarry deposits from the smoke.

i cant imagine that it would affect your keyboard… not unless you have dropped ash in the keyboard which it easy to clead anyway. you can get a little USB keyboard vacuum. hope you got your answer

A way to tell for sure is get that keyboard checked out and x-rayed.

More like affecting your mind my friend. Mines already gone, so no help for that. LMAO

Affecting yes. It’ll be letting you know soon. It is or will be at some point connected to electricity

Affect is the verb. Effect is the noun. However you intend to use them in the sentence. 🙂

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