My son wants to start downloading free music from Limewire?

…but I have heard its riddled with virus’s. He says there is a way of telling which songs are infected but i don’t believe him. He also says friends of his have Limewire with no problems..

Does anyone have any information about it either way please?

Let’s forget about the legality/morality of whats he’s downloading and using Limewire for second and answer the COMPUTER question…

Limewire is riddled with viruses. I clean PCs all the time for friends (sometimes for a fee) and am usually able to get the machine running back to full speed by removing viruses, uninstalling crapware, purging the system of temp files/folders, changin settings. ect…
Of ALL the PCs that I could not clean last year and was forced to whack the hard drive off all data, reformat and completely reinstall Windows.. ALL had Limewire installed. I cannot stress to you the importance of not letting anyone you know install Limewire on their PC. DONT INSTALL LIMEWIRE.
Your PC will be riddled with viruses, spyware, crapware, bots,ect in a matter of weeks. Your PC internet speed and functionality will be reduced to a crawl and it will be frustrating to use it at all. You will have to pay BestBuy $200+ to recover data unless you can bamboozle a friend into doing it for free.
Limewire will open up your PC to a world of millions of users who will share the contents of your PC. Even if you only let them access the ‘music’ section of your drive, you have opened up ports that will allow hackers to get into your machine much more easily. Installing Limewire is analogous to leaving your front door unlocked and opened while away on vacation. PLEASE dont do this.
If you want free, err- illegal music for nothing (I am NOT condoning this), you can go your friends house or local library, borrow desired CDs and rip the songs to your hard drive. You KNOW what your putting on your PC and you arent opening up you hard drive to the free world.
Hope this helps. Buyer beware of ALL free (even not free) ‘sharing’ sites.

It depends on what you mean by free?, some song writers post there work for free but other songs at posted illegally on there ie breaking the copyright laws. If you really want free music the try the link below.

First things first…it’s not free music, it’s called stealing. If you’re downloading the music, you’re not paying for it. So, if I were you, I’d start by teaching my son while stealing is wrong.

As for the virus problems, you’re correct. A lot of these files come with hidden add ons that you don’t want. There may be a way to detect which are bad, but it’s not easy to do. Bottom line on this, tell him to save his money and buy the music legally.

Download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
avg stf file

When he downloads anything from limeware he should always scan the file he downloads with AVG

download it off of its cheap and easy plus you can listen to the song before buying, and the artists get money from it aswell give him an allounace on it or somthing that should shop him. your house – your rules and say if you find that he has used limewire take his internet away that will pee him off. cos he will probs get porn off limewire aswell

you can find a free download of LimeWire here
I strongly recommend it.

i use Ares and working fine..i run AVG virus check every weekend plus i run Spybot

dont let him do it lots of virus on this site use itunes instead

Ask yourself this. &quot:My son wants to steal Cds from shops..?&quot: How would you feel?

if you do you can be catch with a legal matter and be sued

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