MHUW Voting + Sign Ups?

Viper vs CMP
Risky Business vs Tiebreaker (for the Rising Star Championship)
Icon vs Fruittube vs Hardcore B*tch vs Sexy Chick in an elimination match (winner face The Unstoppable Force for the MHUW Heavyweight Championship).
Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom vs mystery attacker
Chair vs Ladder vs Ted DiBiase vs Falco X in a Steel Cage match
The Unstoppable Force vs the winner of the number 1 contender match.

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Wrestling Moves
The titles are
Mixed Unstoppable Heavyweight Championship
Rising Star Championship (secondary title)
Unstoppable Tag Team Championship
Mixed Tag Championship

WQ: Do you think when The Rock should face Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
People say The Rock will return as a wrestler and if it is true then next year The Rock can face The Undertaker.

MHUW Name: Moshi Man
Male/Female: Male
Face/Heel/Tweener: Face
Wrestling Moves: finishers: Superkick and sharpshooter! Signatures are: RKo, Super RKO Rated RKO, Twist of Fate and shooting star press
I will go for any title preferABLE THE MAJOR WORLD TITLE

I want to be Mark William Callaway or the Undertaker and Roniko Briano.
MHUW Name:Mark William Callaway
Nickname: The Undertaker
Face Wrestler
Wrestling Moves:
Choke Slam
Choke Hold

MHUW Name: Roniko Briano
Nickname: Killer Queen
Male/Female: Female
Heel Wrestler
Theme: Again by Yui(Theme Song of Full Metal Alchemist)
Wrestling Moves:
Death Note(Sweet Chin Music)
Killer Splash(Starship Pain)
Say Goodbye(Choke Hold)

They will be tag team partners and will compete for the Mixed Tag Championship.

I want to be Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand.
MHUW Name: Mark Caguioa
Nickname: The Spark
Height: 5’7
Weight: 160 pounds
Male/Female: Male
Heel Wrestler
Theme: 0:00 AM by Acid(Theme Song of Tokyo Majin)
Gimmick: A bald who always wear red.
Signature Moves:
47 Guns(Choke)
Fast and Furious(Power Clothesline)
MC 47(Reversed RKO)
Spark Plug(Reversed Crushing Finale)
MC Bomb(Batista Bomb)

MHUW Name: Jayjay Helterbrand
Male/ Female: Male
Height: 5’6
Weight: 140 pounds
Heel Wrestler
Signature Moves:
13 Guns(13 times Punch and Kick)
Fast and Furious(Power Clothesline)
King’s Guard(Choke)
Finishing Moves:
JH Bomb(Batista Bomb)
King’s MVP(Starship Pain)
JH’s 3-Slam(Air Born)

They will tag team partners and will compete for the Unstoppable Tag Team Championship.

MHUW call: Icon Male/lady: Male Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel Wrestling strikes: Carbon Footprint, Superkick, Moonlight force, RKO Finisher:Iconic Splash (Double Moonsault), Spear, Ankle Lock I wanna decide for the mixed Unstoppable Heavyweight Championship. The Unstoppable stress and King Cliff greater advantageous beware becasue the Icon is right here!!!!

MHUW Name: ScarFace

Male/Female: Male


Wrestling Moves:Dropkick,Kneeling DDT,Wheel Kick,Sleep Hold,Octapus Stretch,German suplex,Russian legsweep,Tiger Suplex,Dragon Suplex,Cloverleaf,Spear,Diving Crossbody,Lifting Belly to Belly Suplex,T-Bone suplex,Leg lariat,Underhook Backbreaker,Suicide dive to the outside,Reversing a irish whip into the corner into a moonsault.

Signatures:ShootingScar(Springboard SSP),Running Enzugiri ,Shining Wizard, Vertabreaker, ScarCrunch(Abdominal strech with knee to the neck),

ScarDriver(Lifting DDT),ScarShooter (Sharpshooter with knee to back),ScarX (Triple jump moonsault ussually followed up by a ScarShooter)

Rising Star Championship (secondary title)

Chris Starz
Signature move Pile Driver Finisher power bomb.
Rising Star champ
WQ I heard he might be the perminate raw guest host and have other people host with him.

This is pretty pathetic.You fans really stooped to a whole different low


WQ: That is quite a tough question.

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