Let’s say Obama fixes our Economy, how would you feel?

Let’s say Obama fixes most of the problems, america is dealing with today in under 2 years. would you obama haters who bashes him continue to dislike Obama, even though if he fixes our Economy from under 8 months. and gives us better affordable healthcare. and many more things Obama has to do. would you still hate Obama, even though if he improves our country

What would you do

I am not anti Obama even though I did not vote for him. He is my President now and I will try to be hopeful…but frankly, I don’t think his methods will work….and even if they do work….it is going to take a long long time. He himself said that. Don’t expect him to be able to fix everything that is wrong in America in a few months…or even in a few years. I will be content if he manages to get us moving toward an upswing by the end of his first term. Our system is broken….because to many people have been concerned only with what is good for them, and not good for the entire country. That is not going to change no matter what Obama does or doesn’t do. Greed and dishonesty in business and in government is a fact of life. Even electing all new people to represent us in congress or in the white house is not going to change that. People are people…and a certain percentage of them is always going to be looking out for number 1.

&quot: Lets say Obama fixes most of the problems america is dealing with in under two years&quot:

It is more likely we will see Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelsoi embrace and french kiss on national television

I voted against him. His socialistic plan to confiscate another 1.3 trillion dollars will not fix our problem, it will only make it worse.


If he does fix it, using the tried and true methods of capitalism, then I will be the first to stand up and cheer.

no one can give you a better job..he can’t make people goto college and get an education.

but even if he did fix the economy..

i’m almost certain the racist/cruel people out there, will find something else about him that they don’t like..even if it is as stupid as his hair..

because, it’s hard to make someone stop being racist/ignorant and cruel.

If it was so easy, KKK would not still exist.

I won’t say I’m sorry for anything. If he does everything he says he’s going to do, and my taxes don’t go through the roof. Then I’ll admit I was wrong. But nothing to this point has convinced me otherwise.

he can not.. at least, not in 5-10 years

i am a obama supporter but i’m pretty sure thats not possible

Dream on…never happen.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Oboma that is

They will be choking on their pride but I will be on vacation…. thanks Obama!

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