Is Yuvraj Singh the greatest timer/cleanest striker of a cricket ball ever?

I think yes. He is able to hit the ball very very far with minimal effort. He can check drive the ball for six, whilst all other players must swing their bat fully. In short he is the greatest timer of a cricket ball that I have seen. There are other people who hit big sixes, but most rely on brute strength, like Symonds, Dhoni, Flintoff, Pietersen, Afridi and Albie Morkel.

I too think he is the cleanest hitter among others becasue if you watch him batting, he doesn’t OFTEN get caught in the boundry lines (although we saw it on 2nd T20 between IND vs NZ). This tells that, if he hits the ball, he can hit clearly without giving chances to the fielders in the boundary.

BOL for him in the remaing matches of the series!

I don’t think he is THE best, but ONE OF the best.

When you said &quot:he is able to hit the ball very very far with minimal effort&quot:, another name came to mind, Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle can hit a six without using any energy. A small flick, and he clears the ropes with ease.
In you’re list of players, you forgot to mention Virender Sehwag, Kevin Pietersen, Herschelle Gibbs, Brendan McCullum, Chris Gayle.

I honestly think that they all have a unique quality that makes each of them special. You can’t just pick Yuvraj and say he is the cleanest. HE is amazing…no doubt about that, but there are other players (like the ones I listed), that are also pretty good.

Very true about strength but Yuvi is 6ft plus and fat so he has strength
He hits it as cleanly as anyone, the flicks for 6 are the best example
timing wise sachin is the master, heavy bat, small but packs a punch
yuvi does not slog, he hits it cleanly remember those chip shots vs engaldn for 6?

For goodness sake, the only reason your saying this is because he hit a couple of sixes in the last T20. By next week or two you’d have changed your mind. And for the record, No he isn’t.

I think he is one among the best (not THE best).. Another favorite hard hitter for me is Chris Cairns.. Not many people would remember him.. If he had played for Australia, he might have been known better!!

No he’s not the best ever.

&amp: by the looks of thing, whatever name other people submit as a better striker, your just going to dissagree, so this is a waste of time.

A good elegant hitter but only one of the best.
Jayasuriya and Gilchrist are two that are at least his equal.

sorry! but i disagree with u, ya i know he is good cricketer but if u talk about timing and the classics shots i think its Sachin Tendulkar.

i know couple people disagree with me but still if u see him he dont use power that much as he time the ball.

not ever.. but hes really good clean hitter.. and afridi came here again :(…. hes the most worst player cricket ever produce

One of the greatest as of now..

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